Monday, July 6, 2015

Max the Movie - The Joy of Giving Back & a BIG Giveaway!!

"A hero is someone who always tells the truth regardless of the consequences." ~ Max the Movie

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to a wonderful family movie called Max, about a precision trained Marine dog who bravely serves on the front lines in Afghanistan alongside his handler, Marine Kyle Wincott. But when military maneuvers go tragically wrong, Max's best friend and handler, Kyle is mortally wounded. Max is traumatized, becomes unable to continue serving and develops PTSD. The military sends Max to live with Kyle's family, and together they start the healing process. To learn more about this incredible movie, you'll have to read my original blog post. This movie is full of adventure. It contains threads of deep friendship, shows how we must all overcome our own challenges, whatever they may be, and shows what it truly means to be a hero. This family friendly movie will show you that there is more than one kind of hero.


Max the Movie highlights some very important topics such as how valuable our military people and military dogs are, how precious family is, and that both people and animals can suffer from PTSD. This movie brings out the patriot in everyone who sees it, and it made me want to do what I could to honor the brave men and women who have served in our military and who, as a result, deal with PTSD. I wanted to celebrate some of those fine men and women who served their country so honorably and unselfishly.

My friends at Warners Bros. wanted to help me, so they sent me a fantastic package of Max Movie items to show my appreciation for their service. I was so excited when everything arrived, I just had to inspect it all. There are Max movie T-Shirts of all sizes for both adults and children, really nice Max movie hats, Max Movie "dog tags" and some very important "duty" bags with their own bone shaped holder for walks that every dog should own.

And let's not forget the most important gift that Warner Bros. sent us to give them...Max the Movie tickets to go see the movie! That's right! What better way to celebrate military dogs, our service men and women and to highlight PTSD than with a wonderful movie like Max??
Mommy and I are sending a BIG care package to a military K9 PTSD service dog group just to say "thank you" for all they've done. It will allow several of our service men and women (and hopefully their PTSD service dogs!) to see the movie, get some cool gear and feel appreciated. We're still setting up all the details, but I promise to announce the final name of the place on my Facebook page and here on my blog in the next 24 hours. So keep checking back. I'll do a special story on them too!

JULY 7, 2015 UPDATE:

Mommy and I are thrilled to announce the recipient of the Pixel Blue Eyes "Max Movie Giving Back" Gift Package....K9s for Warriors!!! This fantastic organization provides and trains service dogs for American Warriors with PTSD & traumatic brain injuries. And 95% of their canines come from rescue shelters! To learn more about K9s for Warriors and what they are doing right now in helping our military warriors, visit them on FacebookTwitter, or follow them on Instagram.


Now, don't think that I'd leave all my friends and fans out of the fun.
Warner Bros. made sure to send enough stuff to have a giveaway on my blog too!!

 Listen friends, Max the Movie is AMAZING!!! It's received RAVE REVIEWS and it's a must see for the whole family!! And now, I'd like to send a few of you to go and SEE THE MOVIE FOR FREE!!!

Here's what I'm giving away:

2 Winners - 
Max the Movie Backpacks
filled with goodies for two lucky winners! Each backpack will contain:
- 2 Tickets to see Max the Movie
- 2 Max T-Shirts (I have LOTS of children's sizes)
- 1 Max Hat
- Max Dog Tags
- 1 Max Bone-Shaped "Duty Bag" Waste Dispenser Clip-On Kit

2 Winners - Movie Tickets with T-Shirt Packet
- 2 Tickets to see the Movie
- 1 Max T-Shirt  (I have LOTS of children's sizes)
- Max Dog Tags
- 1 Max Bone-Shaped "Duty Bag" Waste Dispenser Clip-On Kit


To enter, fill out the information in the rafflecopter below. There are several chances for you to enter to win. Each section you fill out adds more chances for you to WIN! For example, I ask in one option that you sign up for my blog via email. If you sign up and let me know you've done so (I'll be able to verify) that gives you more chances to win. So make sure to follow instructions and enter ALL information it asks for, okay?

The MOVIE TICKETS ARE ONLY GOOD UNTIL JULY 16th, so once this closes, I will be high tailing it to send the winners their prizes so they can go see the movie by this weekend. Or definitely before the movie tickets expire. So, please enter ALL information. If a winner is chosen, but no contact information is provided, please understand that I will have skip that person and move to chose the next winner.


Hurry, hurry, hurry friends, enter now! Fill out all the information, and don't forget to leave me a comment. Have you seen the movie? Do you know any military working dogs? Are you excited about the giveaway? I'd love to hear anything you wish to share!

This is not a sponsored post and I am NOT being compensated for this giveaway or blog post. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Pixel. You and your mommy did it again. Always thinking of others. Your postings and blogs are so great! Thank ypu

  2. Love your smile! We loved that movie, it's a tear jerker for sure.

  3. We've seen the trailer at the movie theater a few times now, and can't wait to go see it! Will be bringing lots of tissues for sure!

  4. I'd like to watch Max because I've heard good things about it and it's highly rated on sites like IMDB.

  5. Have seen previews and looks like a good movie.

  6. Saw the preview and knew before it was over this was a must see. Thank you for the pawsome chance. Speedy and I woof you!

  7. I would love to see Max the Movie - I haven't seen it advertised near me yet, but hoping it will be soon...

  8. I bumped the enter button - so I have nothing entered for me address or shirt size - I'm blaming this computer!

  9. I looks like a great movie and I would love to see it with my niece.

  10. My humans saw this movie and loved it! The best part of this movie is that they shine light on PTSD in dogs.

  11. Cannot wait to see this movie. I highly recommend it to everyone I know. Hope to see it this coming weekend. Love you Pixel - you and your family are amazing <3

  12. The movie really does look like a must-see. I think we'll hit up a drive-in so we can take the dogs!

  13. What a fun giveaway! We saw the movie and loved it!

  14. I love MAX. Can't wait to see the movie! I have a family member who was a dog handler overseas. He didn't serve but worked with military dogs. I'm excited about your giveaway!

  15. This sounds like an awesome giveaway. Good luck everyone!

  16. It looks like a cute movie that we would enjoy.

  17. What a great contest, I'm entering now! I can't wait to see this movie, I plan to see it with my cousin who volunteered at a facility that trains dogs for law enforcement. As a therapy dog handler I'm always interested in stories about therapy dogs, service dogs, and military or police dogs. Dogs can do so much to help people, and they give us so much love while doing it!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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