Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Joy of Playtime with Friends on a Winter Afternoon - Pixel's Wordless Wednesday

It's very cold and snowy today, so I could not really go outside and play. But my little friend Blue Bunny decided she'd get me to play inside with her while the winter sun shone through the window of our room. We had a wonderful time together!
Image of Pixel looking up at Baby Blue Bunny toyShe had such a perfect way of getting me to play. Can you guess what she might have whispered to me to elicit such excitement in my face?

Image of Pixel looking at Blue Bunny with a side glance. Pixel can't believe what Blue Bunny just said!
Pixel joyfully smiles at Little Blue Bunny

Pixel gets super close to Blue Bunny and is ready to play!
Blurred Action shot of Pixel pouncing on Little Blue Bunny toy to play.
Pixel lovingly gnaws on her Little Blue Bunny toy while playing.
Cute photo of Pixel peaking around her toy as she plays.
Little Blue Bunny sits on top of Pixel's head while they play.

Pixel and Little Blue Bunny rest after an afternoon of fun.
We had such a fun time together! I hope you enjoyed our playful Wordless Wednesday post.
This Wordless Wednesday blog hop is hosted by my good friends at BlogPaws! Visit some of my friends blogs below to see what they're up to on this wintry Wordless Wednesday.


  1. Oh! How SWEET! Love the 4th photo. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Stay warm inside Pixel and enjoy playing with bunny. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hi Pixel! I have my computer back now. The dogs jumped on the table and broke the monitor. I will be sending my book to you shortly, ( Probably today). My toys get me to play with them by teasing me . I think Blue bunny probably said " You can't get me. I'm gonna get you first!"

    1. How cool that your toys tease you to get you to play too Mitzi Jo! So sorry about the computer. You should make the dogs pay for the damages. :)

  4. What adorable pictures!!! Makes me miss you all the more!! Stay warm sweet one and have a great upcoming weekend! Purrs from Deb and the Zee and Zoey gang! P.S. Thank your Mama for the nice comment she left her on facebook yesterday...

    1. Awe Deb, I miss you too! I am really working hard to find a way to attend BlogPaws in Vegas this year. Are you going? I'd love to see you again. I even have a leopard print dress now, but it's purple. A girl gets what she can get right? But I also have a leopard print harness too. You're going to LOVE it! Tell Zee & Zoey I'm channeling them.
      Love you, Pixel & Mommy Jenny

  5. Hiya, Pixel!
    Thanks for stopping by our blog! It's so nice to meet you : ) We've seen you on Facebook but didn't realize you had your very own blog! It's so nice! Waffles is very consoled by your "confession" about the Red Dot. They say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. ; )

    Glogirly & Katie

    1. So glad to get to know you too Glogirly, Waffles & Katie. You have such a fun blog and I love it! I will be coming by for visits much more. You do the same.
      Love, Pixel

  6. Pixel, you have the sweetest toy friends! But what did Blue Bunny say to you? Based on the sequence of photos, my guess is she said "I hid your dinner and I'm not telling you where" :)

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