Friday, June 7, 2013

The Joy of Dog Festivals, Fun Exercise & Being Wise in Hot Weather

I had quite an adventure last weekend when I went to a fun doggie festival with Mommy, Grammy, and my sisters Peanut Pumpkin Pie and Dixie Mae. The festival was created a few years ago to support our local spay/neuter clinic. That is always something worth howling about! It's super important and cannot be stressed enough.They promised it would be a 'howling good time' so I spent that morning practicing my best 'howls' so I could 'howl' with the best of them. 
We packed the world's BEST picnic lunch for both humans and dogs (including gluten free muffins, Parmesan chicken strips, potato salad, and fresh fruit salad, plus our special yummy nutritious dog food and treats), and we were off! I of course wore my "protect and serve" security dress harness, but this time I had bows in my hair. It also serves as an impromptu dancing dress when needed. Did you know dancing is an excellent exercise? Helps keep me in shape and it is super fun....but more on that later.

There were so many different types of dogs there, and they were all beautiful. Big and small, long fur and short fur. It was really neat to see so many different dogs out in one place. There were a few shade trees here and there and lots of people and pets congregated under them. Some of the dogs jumped into the little creek nearby, which was a fun site to see!

This handsome boy and his twin Great Dane sister and entire human family was super nice. We really enjoyed talking with them. My sister Peanut, a Pomeranian, also got to meet a very unique looking Pom with one blue eye and one brown eye. They talked and visited for a while. The only trouble with the festival was the temperature. It was so super hot...sort of stifling to tell you the truth. But we all had fun anyways and just visited in the shade.

I almost got to perform for their "Best Trick" contest at the festival. I had on my dancing and trick showing dress harness and I was ready! We applied, filled out the form, got a number for us, and then they made us stand out in the blaring 91 degree sun so long that I got a little sick. Mommy was getting worried, and she was getting overheated as well, so even though we only had 3 more dogs to go before it was our turn, Mommy made the wise executive decision NOT to go on. She didn't want me to get any sicker or hotter. If you are going to be a fit doggie, and want to keep in good shape and health, you must also be wise to know when it is a bad idea to exercise, play, or perform in extreme temperatures. But that's okay that I didn't get to try out for "Best Trick"; we made a special video of me doing my tricks later that afternoon. (I will be showing that video at the end here, so stay with me.)

We went back to our car, had that amazing picnic lunch in the comfort of some really cool air conditioning, and then drove home happy to have the adventure we did. I was exhausted from all the excitement of meeting new friends, walking all over the place, and enjoying the many vendors and fun sites and sounds. I slept in Mommy's lap all the way home.

 When we got home, Mommy and I went out under  one of our big shade trees and made this fun video of me doing a few of my tricks. Can you see all the ones I do? I did 'sneeze', 'sneer' (that's my famous smile!), 'how does a car go', 'whisper' and of course, my keep in shape dancing 'twirls'. I hope you enjoy it!! And don't forget to leave me a comment on the blog. I love hearing from you!


  1. Hey Pixel, sounds like a cool adventure - too bad it was so hot, you could have won that contest I bet. But your mom is right (aren't they always) you shouldn't exercise when it's too hot - not good for you. Thanks for joining our Hop!

  2. FUN! LOVE your outfit, so cute. Lots of Golden

  3. Looks like a fun day, even with the heat. I love your dress!

  4. You're so smart to stay out of the extreme heat. The tricks were adorable, I like her car sound! Thanks for joining FitDog Friday!

  5. What a fun doggy event. We love to partake in all the summer dog fun too!!

    Wyatt's family

  6. Mum loved your outfit and I loved your tricks!

    Tail Wuggles, Dita xxx

  7. Oh, I would love to sing (howl) a duet with you! Mom says that I love to sing and have a beautiful voice that only a mom could love ;) I am not much for the hot weather, so I can totally understand why you didn't do your tricks at the festival! Say hi to your mom from my mom! Emma

  8. I agree you would have won. You as so talented. I will send you an email showing you my pics from our pet festival where I did my book signing.

  9. What a SUPER FUN day out. And you look gorgeous in pink. Hope you're feeling better. xxx

  10. Oh, Pixel, you are just so cute, sweetie! I am glad your Mom got you out of the heat, and it worked out for us, since we got to see your great tricks! Glad you had so much fun!

  11. Looks like a fun day out and I love all your tricks!
    Dina and Mom


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