Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Joy of Hard Work - Happy "Working Like a Dog" Day

Today is National "Work Like a Dog" Day in the U.S. Some dogs, like me, are indeed very hard working. I love my many jobs, such as nursing, inventing, blogging, writing poetry, doing my animal advocacy work, and of course, being a trick dog. I can get downright dog tired with all of that. They say the "work like a dog" term originates from all those working dogs who really 'hoof it' to sniff down leads in police work, who save lives, who work in the fields herding sheep all day and who do all those other hard tasks with honor and faithfulness.
Today, in honor of "Work Like a Dog" Day, I thought I'd share some fun photos of me working at some of the jobs I love. I hope you enjoy them!

Checking the pulse and vitals while visiting one of my human patients. 
A day in the ER with Nurse Pixel: Getting a call, rushing to Teddy Bear Surgery, happy as another patient is saved.

Image of Nurse Pixel next to Pinkie Duckie just before surgery to fix her broken wing
Nurse Pixel preparing to do surgery on Pinky Tuskadero Duckie, who got hurt during hours of "excessive play".

I started blogging before I was even a year old.

Searching for the right word to rhyme with "Pixel".

Trick Dog
Practicing one of my first and earliest tricks, "Smack", which eventually became multiple other tricks.
Another Pixel trick favorite: "Sneer", which is my signature smile!
Years of hard work pays off as I win 1st prize
in a dog trick contest, May 2014! 

So, how do you "work like a dog"friends? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!


  1. You are certainly a hard working dog Pixel......we didn't work too hard today - I was off from my job, but did lots at home!!

    1. Why thank you Mitzi! I do try. I am glad you had a day off from work. I bet Sweet Pea loved being with you doing stuff around the house!

  2. Gracious, what a multi-talented and loving puppy girl!

    1. Awe, shucks. Thank you so much my friend! You are so kind to say that.

  3. I too am a blogger. I also write a column in the Free Press called Paws for Thought. I am the storyteller for our books A Doggy Daycare Day series and I am a therapy dog which visits people who need a hug. I also help my human keep the dog daycare business running smoothly. You make a very good nurse Pixel. If I ever get sick I hope you are around. Love M.J.

    1. You are indeed a very busy, hard working dog Mitzi Jo, and I count myself lucky to have you as a friend! I know your Momma LuJean is very happy to have you help her with the daycare business, keeping it run very smoothly. You are one awesome pup!
      Love, Pixel

  4. you are the most giving and caring baby that anyone could have. I'm so glad you picked your special mommy

    1. Oh my goodness, Giselle, you are so very sweet to say all that, you make me blush under my fur. Thank you SO much for your kind compliments! I loving caring for those I love and I love Mommy with ALL my heart & soul. She's so glad I picked her too, she tells me all the time.

  5. I would have to say your most unique trick, Pixel, can be summed up in one word ~ ADORABLE! I love you, honey. Always. Grammy


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