Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Joy of Sisters: Our First Group Photo

It's tough getting 5 little dogs grouped together...much less to all look at the camera at once. Mommy finally had success! So here we all are: Sassy, Bella, Pixel, Dixie and Peanut.


  1. We have 6 in my dog family. Momma Jean trains us to sit and wait for a treat. If a dog leaves the shot Momma Jean gives the ones who sat still a treat. When the dog that left sees the treats are given out ONLY on the spot the picture is being shot then the offending dog catches on and decides to join the group. This takes practice but I'm sure they will follow your lead Pixel because you take good pictures and have loads of experience.

  2. I forgot to mention my human and I think your family of dogs is very cute since you are a doxie lover you need to watch this

  3. What a beautiful group! Those group shots are definitely tough to get, good job by Mom!


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