Friday, August 28, 2009

The Trouble with Time Passing

My goodness, I cannot BELIEVE it has been over a year since I entered a blog post here. What a slacker! Actually, I have been very busy all this year, mostly good stuff, but a couple of not so good things happened too. I was sick for a little while, then my mommy was sick, then she got a new job and has been working real hard to buy me pretty things I hate wearing...tails on that adventure coming soon...

But seriously, my life has been full of activity since last posting. I have learned so many new tricks...and my Mommy falls for them every time! I can do all of the following things on command without fail...sneeze, smack a high five, kiss, whisper (yeah, really!), sneer my teeth in a fake growl, sit, catch a ball and...wait for single and double twirls while standing on my back legs. I have just begun doing combo tricks, like sneering my teeth while twirling, or sneezing and giving a high five at the same time. Hey, I gotta keep it fresh, right?

Here is a shot of me practicing my smack routine with my mom. Don't worry, I promise to be better at sharing all my adventures with you...including...horror of horrors...a bath!!