Monday, June 25, 2012

The Joy of Playing Outside - Pixel & Uncle Jessie

 My uncle Jessie Dawg and I know two commands when playing with a stick outside with my Mommy: Get it and Bring it. On Sunday, we listened to the 'Get It' command but had trouble with ever bringing it back to Mommy, BOL!! Here's the video of our mischief making.

That was sure fun!!! Maybe I'll bring it back next week, right Uncle Jessie? See what Mischief my friends have gotten into in some of the links below...
See what Mischief my friends have gotten into in some of the links below...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pixel Shares the Joy of Synchronized Sleeping - Olympic Style

Noel prepares herself for the big finale as Pixel is in position, ready to make her move.
"Okay, now turn..."
"...and STICK IT with the landing pose!"
It's not as easy as it looks.
This is Wordless Wednesday! See what my fellow pet bloggers are doing.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pixel's News Buzz & the Rogue BEE Incident

My dear friends, it's Monday Mischief blog hop day. What a weekend this has been! So much exciting news to share...and one BIG Pixel adventure that includes danger and a rogue bee.
We'll start it off with some super exciting news flashes...

I am super excited to announce that I am going to be featured as a 
"Famous Dog on Facebook with Friends" in American Dog Magazine!!
This issue comes out June 25, 2012 so don't miss it!

Two of my very dearest friends have been published in books that are available now!!

My dear friend Mister Marmee has had his first memoirs published. He is a Victorian marmalade cat who is a consulting detective with his best friend Sir Happy, the greatest detective the world has ever known. The Case of Jack the Nipper was a harrowing case, full of intrigue, danger, and endearing friendship. You will NOT be able to put this book down once you start reading it. H.L. Stephens is the author who brought this book to life. Please read this beautiful blog post about Mister Marmee as written by H.L. Stephens.  
You can download a copy of "The Chronicles of Mister Marmee: The Case of Jack the Nipper" at in any format, and at AmazonMister Marmee's blog is also a fantastic journey into the heart of his world.

My sweet friend Mitzi Jo, MJ for short, published her first book too! Her life as the lead dog in a pack that runs a doggy daycare is now available at MJ is one talented pup, she has a blog, she's been in commercials, she goes on book signings and does tricks for her fans, plus she is such a great friend!!  Here is the link to her book site:  A Doggy Daycare Day.

Okay, now, about the "Rogue BEE Incident". Yesterday, Mommy and I were outside in the yard for a little bit, testing out her new camera. She was taking a few photos of flowers, I was only a couple of feet away from her, when a rogue, mean, anti social bee started bothering me. I didn't bite at him or anything, but he stung me as the meanie mean bee that he was, right in the chin! Mommy didn't know at first. Then she saw me acting funny, saw the bee on the ground right below me, and she knew he was being mean to me. He's in bee heaven, or wherever mean bees go when they get stomped by a Mommy protecting her baby. 

Let's just say that once we got inside, I was one traumatized puppy! My family started searching for the stinger because it was clear I was stung. When auntie found it under my chin, by that time I was already upset that I was upside down nearly so they could see it better. It went down hill for me from there. It's amazing how a peaceful, loving, tender girl like myself can become a wild and crazy puppy when she has bee venom pumping in her chin and 3 people fussing over her forcing her into odd positions to get the doggone stinger out. They got it out, they all apologized to me, I apologized and forgave them, and I got special treats with medicine in them. They gave me Prednisone and baby Benadryl to cover any bad reactions or swelling. I am still a bit touchy about the whole thing, and you can forget me wanting to go sniff the flowers anytime soon, but I will be okay with lots of Mommy snuggles and a little time. You can read more details about it on my public Facebook page.
Take THAT you mean old BEE!
The three photos of me were taken with Mommy's new camera, by the way. She says the 'resolution' (whatever that is) of the photos are way better than her other camera, and that this new one (which she got FREE) takes incredibly good hi-resolution video too. I told her she is now an official puparazzi, even more than she was before. I might have to start charging a photo sitting fee. 

This is a Monday Mischief BLOG HOP. Want to see what mischief my fellow pet bloggers got into this weekend? Click on their links below and go say hi. Love and Hugs ~ Pixel

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Joy of Awards, Friends and Being Grateful

As a blogging doggie, I always hope that my photos & words of joy reach out to encourage others and bring a smile. I chronicle my life's journey in this blog, Facebook & Twitter, and cherish all the friends I have made over the years. Every comment and response from you is a treasured gift. Imagine my surprise then, when I was presented with 3 blogging awards over the last couple of months from two excellent fellow bloggers. I am beside myself with excitement and gratitude!
Part of the joy of receiving these awards is that I get to give these awards out to fellow bloggers too. I love giving to and encouraging others, so how perfect is that?
 My first award, the "Kreativ Blogger" award, was given to me by a dear friend and fellow blogger named Janet of Basset Momma. I am very flattered that you would think my blog creative. Thank you!
The rules for this award is that I share 10 things about myself that you may not know and then give this award to 6 other bloggers.
I had to dig deep, but I think I have some good items to share:
1. I love rattles! Mommy got me a baby wrist rattle as a puppy and I have been hooked ever since.
2. I never tear up a toy with a rattle inside it. I just can't do it.
3. When Mommy holds me, I always have to be on her left side. For four years now, she keeps trying to hold me on her right side but I switch it back. Stop trying Mommy.
4. I have an incredible fear of getting my nails clipped. I am a gentle, tenderhearted girl doggie, but you come near me with a set of nail clippers, and the little psycho comes out. I'm feeling anxious just talking about it. Next question.
5. I have to roll on my Mommy (or some part of her) first thing in the morning...every morning. It's our routine, and it must be done. She loves it. It's part of our morning "Mommy & me" time.
6. Last spring, I tried to fly. I decided it would be a great idea to leap off our 12 foot high (3.65 meters) back deck through the slats of the railing while standing in front of Mommy on the deck. I had seen so many birds do it successfully. Well, let me tell you, gravity is a BEAR, no matter how weak scientists say it is!  I just remember falling to the ground with a thud. Mommy freaked, took me to the vet, and amazingly I was not seriously hurt. Hence, Mommy & my grampy then put up chicken wire fencing along the entire perimeter of the deck railing, and there are gates, etc to protect this little dog from thinking she can fly.
7. I love feet. My loved ones feet are very calming to me. I will often go over to someone's foot, gently put my paw on it, and that is their cue to rub my belly with their foot, sock or no sock, while I sit there looking doe eyed and sleepy. No shoes allowed.
8. I eat a gluten free food diet because my cousin Peanut Pumpkin Pie and my Mommy are gluten intolerant. I love them. I wouldn't want to go kissing Mommy if I ate wheat of any kind.
9.  I am a 'search and rescue kibble' Pixel. I seek out and find lost dog food kibbles. It does not matter where it is or how old it is, I will point, whine, moan and stare at its location until it is rescued. I'm a giver.
10. My Mommy and I have started a campaign called "No Tail Left Behind" to educate about the dangers of cosmetic tail docking. I suffer from chronic pain in my tail nub, and many dogs do too. Tail docking (& ear cropping) is often dangerous for a dog's health, and is illegal in many countries, so why not the U.S. We have lots of information to share. We are always kind, no matter anyone's views. Please visit, like and share our page at #/NoTailLeftBehind.
I give this award to the following 6 blogs. I love how they share their lives & adventures so creatively:
Pawcircle with Dana Pixel

The second award is the Leibster Award, given to me by my sweet friend and fellow blogger Gemma the Puppy. We first met through fellow Anipals on Twitter. Gemma is very fun to talk to, has a kind heart and I love her blog. 
Liebster, in German, means "beloved" or "favorite". The Liebster Award is given to new, up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. Thank you so much Gemma! 
So many blogs deserve this award. I give this award to the following 5 blogs:

The third award is the Sunshine Award, presented to me by a pet blogger that always brings sunshine to us with her posts, the one and only Basset Momma. Thank you so much again, Janet!! With this award, I have to answer the following questions about myself and give it to 10 bloggers. First the questions answered, then the awards. 
Favorite Number:  Do dogs have favorite numbers? How about 2008, the year Mommy found me.
Favorite Drink (Non-Alcoholic):  Chicken Broth mixed with Water
Facebook or Twitter:  BOTH! I have made wonderful friends on both.
My Passion:  Sharing Joy and Smiles to everyone I meet and helping save puppies from tail docking with my No Tail Left Behind campaign.
Favorite Pattern:  I don't like wearing clothes much, BOL! Since Mommy loves snowflakes, I will say that.
Favorite Day of the Week:  Any day that Mommy is home all day with me
Favorite Flower:  The Gerber Daisy, Hydrangea and all flowering trees

Now, to present the award! I am limited to only 10, so here are some great blogs you might or might not know. Please make sure to visit them all. Many of them giving back to their community.

 Please go visit each of these blogs and introduce yourself. Leave a comment and help make their day. They'd love to hear from you.
And don't forget to say "Pixel sent me!"
Love & Hugs!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Joy of Toys - A Pixel Exclusive

Toys are very important. I believe one should always have them nearby.
When you are alone, toys can comfort you if you are sad.
Toys are always ready to play and never get tired.
Toys even make great fortresses when you need to feel secure.
As a puppy, I used to get overwhelmed and didn't know how to pick a good toy.
Now I understand that the simplest choice can often bring the most joy.
 My advice: ALWAYS have an arsenal of toys nearby, so you can share when friends come to visit.
Want to hear and see and read more Pixel Tips on finding Joy? Follow me on Twitter and Facebook! Lots of joy is guaranteed. Love & Hugs ~ Pixel
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