Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Joy of More Spring Fun - Wordless Wednesday

On a pretty spring day, what does a Pixel see from her point of view?
She looks up and sees the pretty pear tree blooming and the blue sky.
She sees the colorful daffodils still blooming to say"Hello Pixel!"
She looks around a tree and sees her Mommy taking her photo.
She sees an opportunity to run FREE in the green grass & evening sun.
Just another day of joyful spring fun with Pixel.
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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Joy of Being A Nurse Pixel - Tending to the Needs of Others

I have been a Nurse Pixel for a few years now, and though I share an occasional anecdote or story of caring for loved ones, I have not gone into full details until now. Nurses do not care where a patient is from, what species they are, or how the patient came to be in medical need. Nurses merely act upon the tender hearts that beat within their patients, and take care to help the patient through difficult medical trauma. I had a patient this weekend that really had a tough go of it. Having received permission from the patient, I will share his journey from near death to full recovery.
I was in the nurse's break room, taking a breather from caring for a couple of very ill patients, when I got the call. A severely injured bear who had a deep gash in his neck had just arrived. He was in bad shape and we had to act fast!
I was the first medical person to arrive in the trauma room. I quickly assessed the patient and found that he was losing his stuffing very quickly. We didn't have much time...
While waiting for the other medical personnel to arrive, the only thing I could do was comfort the patient and try to staunch the flow of stuffing coming out of his neck. I held my paw over the wound on his neck and held him close to let him know he was not alone.
After a moment or two the surgeon came in ready with her tools to stitch up the patient. She immediately started  sewing him up, stitch by stitch. I watched very closely, monitoring the patient's vitals.
Suddenly I saw from the patient's vitals that he was overly stressed from the  procedure. I immediately paused the doctor and performed snout to snout resuscitation. It was touch and go for a few intense moments. Finally, he stabilized and we were able to complete his repair.
As the patient was in recovery, I said a special prayer for him that he would be alright. "Please God, let him be okay so he can play another day." I stayed with him for many hours, and then finally had to let him rest in the Intensive Bear Unit ward.
After the patient was fully recovered, I was able to visit with him. We had the best time and it was a very joyful reunion of nurse and patient. He is now   back with his family and friends, enjoying the good life and barely has even the tiniest scar.
So, if you are ever sick, injured, or in need of care, call on Nurse Pixel and I will be there. Always remember that NURSE PIXEL LOVES YOU!
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Joy of Going Outside - Wordless Wednesday

Mommy, look at how gorgeous is it today! Can we go outside?
The flowers are blooming already...
Sniff, sniff. What a nice looking stick! It smells very chew-able. 
Wow, it's big!
It definitely tastes great...I love it!
That was the best 'first stick of spring' ever...thanks Mommy!
Happy Wordless Wednesday!!
I hope everyone enjoys this early spring...Love and Puppy Kisses to All!!
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