Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Joy of Giving Thanks Every Day

We have had the most wonderful Thanksgiving holiday celebration at my house over the last few days. For me, every day is a day to be grateful for my blessings and my life. Taking time to give thanks is something we all can and should do, everyday. No matter who we are, no matter what our lives are like, there is always something to be thankful for, even when times are especially difficult. It is important for our hearts to find those things to be grateful for, and really let it sink in.

I am so thankful to be with my Mommy, who adopted me almost four years ago. I will never forget the first time I saw her...I had waited for her my whole life! The photo here is of us the day she took me home...I felt so safe. She is my world and I am hers. She is always happy to see me, no matter how she is feeling, and I am the same way with her. It makes life so much more joyful...even when she makes me wear sweaters!
I am thankful for all of my wonderful family, including my Uncle Jessie (the big dog with the sweet smile); my Uncle Happydog (he and I love to goof off together and lay on each other), my funny, pretty cousin Peanut, who strangely enough loves to wear sweaters when I have told her time and again that they sap all our dog powers; my cat sister Noel (our Christmas tree kitten whom I LOVE to wrassle with and take naps with); our sweet orange tabby MeowMeow, and our newest little white kittie named Snowflake, who showed up starving on our back deck and has now moved in as our trouble making foster kitten. She gets into more things than I ever possibly could think up!

We all have fun together with our wonderful human pack, who lovingly spoil us and let all of us little dogs and cats pile on the beds with them. (Jessie lays close by...he is just a little too big to get on the beds.)


Now, as I think on a dog's life and all the things I am grateful for, my mind cannot help but wander back to my excitement and wonderful memories of the holiday feasting we all did. With all that food being prepped, cooked, and eaten...a piece of turkey was bound to fall right in front of me. All of us dogs and cats were raised hearing the amazing stories of the 'mystery piece of turkey or sweet potato' magically falling to the floor while watchful pets anticipate that perfect moment...just waiting to scarf it up. Why do you think we are always under foot in the kitchen? That is the way it is with dogs and cats...we are always thinking and planning our next move.

Anyways, my moment indeed arrived, except my food was on my Mommy's plate and on her FORK! She kept conveniently losing where her fork was...and I took full advantage. She might never admit this...but I am pretty sure she knew the whole time. As I have said...I LOVE my Mommy!