Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Apologies & Explanations for the Long Absence from my Blog

My dear friends, I want to apologize to you and explain a bit as to why I have been gone for so long from my blog. Pull up a seat and let me make you my favorite meal of chicken and rice with pumpkin blueberry puree as we visit. I'll explain as best I can the reasons for my long absence. It reads a bit like a "Lifetime for Women" movie... 

Let me start by assuring you that Mommy Jenny and I have thought about you almost every day, wondering how you are, if you think of me, and missing our interactions. Mommy and I missed doing posts, and longed for the day when we could truly get back to doing what we love best: writing fun, entertaining, educational, and informative posts and stories you love. Whether you are new to the blog, or have following for years, I owe it to you to share the reasons why I disappeared.

A little over a year ago, our family went through a traumatic event that started when Grammy's husband of 35 years abandoned her and our family in the middle of the night. It was a shock to say the least, but then it was a terrible battle after that for Grammy and our family. Mommy was so stressed all the time as she she helped Grammy and Auntie work through it all. Everyone was trying to deal with the aftermath he caused and the many struggles. It seemed endless. He also abandoned my now sweet, beautiful  little sister Jellie, whom I adopted immediately as though it was planned. The ONLY good thing in mine and Mommy's life at that time was sweet little Jellie, whom we had to protect. It took time to feel like writing or posting anything, but I did a couple of posts trying to keep things going on the blog and in my social media pages. I was honored to be asked to work with a fantastic high end dog food campaign during this time. It was fun to have Jellie be a part of it, and I loved the work as always, but after that things got worse.Now, come down here, closer to me, so I can whisper this next part to's a hard thing to have to admit. For certain reasons, we no longer felt safe in our own home. It was necessary to move to a new place and start a new life, several states away from where the pain, uncertainty and memories were.
Mommy, Auntie and Grammy started the hardcore search for a new home in our chosen secret location, and Mommy visited a couple of "hopeful" new houses for us. It was a hard process. The blog suffered because of Mommy's full time work, the "struggle" and the new home search. Another blow to our family of women was that Peanut Pumpkin Pie got desperately ill and then died during the height of the struggle. It was the most tragic loss! We loved her so much, and she was only 11 years old. We were all devastated. I then became the eldest dog girl of the family, so I tried hard to take care of everyone, comfort and be there for every human and dog. So with all this going on,  I let the blog go and just focused on my family, bringing as much love, comfort and joy as I could. 
Sadly, we also lost our beloved 17 year old cat  Meow Meow the last week in August of this year too. She was a wonderful kitty and we miss her sweet ways. 

Finally, after what seemed like forever, it happened. At 4:30am one morning, Grammy found THE house on All of us fell in LOVE! It was perfect in every way we needed. Mommy called our realtor, he raced to get an appointment to see it that day. He called Mommy while standing IN the house, gave it his full approval, and by that night, we had a contract going. When Mommy drove down to visit it, after just 5 minutes inside the house she felt like she was home. Finally!
Then came the packing, the move, the 3-humans-and-5-dogs-in-2-overly-packed-cars trip down (which took 59 days...okay, maybe only 3 or 4 days), the move in and then a hurricane. Yes, we arrived at our new home just a couple of days before a big hurricane threatened it. But we survived, the house survived, and we are now making our new house a cozy home. All of this took me away from my beloved blog friends, and from you. But the good news is, not only is the meal I made you ready to eat, but my little blogging paws are ready to start typing away at these keys once more. So, please dig in to the good food, the friendly smiles, and the new stories I'll be sharing. Just bear with me as I get back to writing, sharing my adventures, my product reviews, and my health articles for dogs. Though we might not have been writing and posting awesome photos for you as of late, Mommy and I have been making plans to expand our blog. And remember my new sister Jellie? Well, this little 7 lb Chihuahua mix beauty has plans too, and will be a regular part of my blog!
So, hold onto your hats, there's lots more coming from Pixel Blue Eyes and her Tails of Adventure!!
I Love You!

P.S. If you've been through anything like what I've talked about today, please feel free to share in a comment. Believe me, I understand the struggles of abandonment, house buying and hurricanes, and Mommy Jenny would be glad to talk if you need a human connection or advice.