Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Joy of a New Year (and a new decade!)

Happy New Year everyone! I must say that I had the best Christmas and New Year holiday with my family. Santa Paws was especially wonderful to me, but I will share all about that later. I know the photo of me in a DRESS is quite shocking indeed, since they are closely related to sweaters, but I have made a couple of New Year's resolutions, and fighting through the kryptonite qualities of doggie clothing is one of them. Now, I still lose some of my Pixel super powers when some kind of clothing is thrust upon me, but I posed real pretty for my Mommy because I know she loves that doggone dress on me. I did it for her...and that is what one of my resolutions is, to try to do more for those I love. Just little wearing that dress for 10 minutes.
My other resolution is to be myself as much as possible, and do things that I love as well, like chewing on rawhide as though it's a cigar! There is nothing quite like the aroma of smoked bacon on my favorite blanket after chewing on one of these things for 30 minutes!
I hope everyone has a fantastic start to the new year, and remember, learn a few new tricks along the road to life, and good things can happen, especially if dog bones are involved.