Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Joy of A Beautiful Fall Day - Playing Outside in Honor of Uncle Jessie

Today is Wordless Wednesday friends, but I must share this first...Monday marked one week since my family lost our beloved Jessie, my uncle Jessie Dawg, a handsome, sweet, gentle, loving boy that I have known and loved my entire life. Jessie went to heaven on Monday, November 5, 2012. He and I always loved to go outside together and play the stick game with Mommy. We would find the most wonderful sticks, then she would throw them and we would go get them. She'd yell, "Get it!" and "Bring It!" with no guarantee that we would actually bring it back. He and I would chew on them, and run around with them in our mouths. It was such fun, and it was something that we shared as a special time together. So, in honor of my dear sweet uncle Jessie, Mommy and I went outside Monday (Nov 12) and played "The Stick Game" thinking of Uncle Jessie the entire time. I missed getting to run next to him, and chasing after him. He'd always let me carry the biggest stick. It's just not quite the same without you. We love you Uncle Jessie!