Friday, December 18, 2015

Pixel Blue Eyes' Top 10 Pet Christmas Shopping Guide (For Last Minute Shoppers)

 It's barely 10 days before Christmas and all over the world, little dogs are excitedly anticipating the giving and receiving of presents on Christmas Day. Many pet parents, family and friends are still bustling about shopping for "just the right gifts" for their furry family and friends. Whether you are a pet parent, a pet, uncle or grandparent, or are a pet yourself in need of finding the perfect gift for your fur sibling, I've got everything you need to know in my first ever "Pixel Blue Eyes Top 10 Pet Christmas Shopping Guide".
Since we are so close to Christmas, and lots of you are still trying to "wrap up" your shopping, I wanted to make things easier by giving you my expert Pixel opinion on the best of the best for presents and treats that your dogs will absolutely adore this Christmas. I know personally, because I did the research, I went out in the field, I tested each toy vigorously and tasted each treat myself! It was tough, but some doggie had to do it. It had to pass the Pixel seal of approval!
And all these gift ideas are available at stores right near you my friends. That's right! You don't have to order them online, risking them not coming before Christmas...everything I'm listing here can be found at your local pet store, specialty store or department store. I'm including links to learn more about the products, and of course information on the specific stores where they are available. I even have several "store locator" links to make things super easy for you. (You can thank me later.)
So, without further ado, here are my top 10 picks for holiday gifts and goodies for your dog:
1. KONG® Wubba Pull Toy  (approx. $7 - 15)
These are perhaps one of THE best toys on the planet. I mean that with all my heart. You know I've talked about the Kong Wubba many times before. You can simply Google "Pixel Blue Eyes Kong Wubba" and find videos, photos and blog posts I've written about this joyful toy. It's simply a perfect toy! It squeaks, it flaps, it rolls, it's durable, you can shake it, play fetch with it, and it literally lasts for years. Kong Wubbas come in many solid colors, patterns, cute animal faces, jungle themes and at least 3 different sizes. They have fuzzy Wubbas, string ball Wubbas....the possibilities are endless! They even have rattle ones for CATS...but don't tell my Pom sister Sassy, because she loves those too.
(Sold at Petsmart, Petco, Target and other fine stores)

2. Charming Pet® Longidudes Floppy Fun Toy (approx. $10 - $15)
I just recently discovered this amazing toy this past summer, when Mommy brought 3 home from Target. They are about 2 feet long, they are super fuzzily soft and cute, and they are FILLED WITH FUN!!!! Each Longidude Toy (my favorite is the bunny rabbit) has at least 3 very large squeakers in the body, then each end is filled with lots and lots of crinkly paper type stuff that makes it crackle and crinkle with every shake. It is sooooo floppy, I just want to shake it all day!! My sisters and I take turns dragging our Longidude toys around the house, and each one is so long that at least two of us can play with one at the same time. So even though they seem real big, little 11 pound dogs can take total control over them with no problem. BOL!
(Sold at Target and many other fine stores) Charming Pet Retailer Store Locator Tool
3. MultipetTM  Latex Ball Animal Toy (approx. $2.50 - $3.50 each)
These little guys are too cute and so much fun. Mommy had been trying to find me something to replace my beloved rubber duckies since Multipet ended their production, and these little squeaky ball animals certainly help fill the void. They are soft on the mouth, easy to hold onto for little and big dog mouths alike, and make the perfect sounding squeak. Meaning that it's incredibly annoying to some humans, but music to the ears of most canines. My personal favorite is the....wait for!
(Sold at your local Walmart store)
4. Kurgo® True-Fit Car Seat Belt Harness (approx. $29 - $45)
This might not be a super "fun" gift idea, but Mommy says that this one item is the greatest thing she has ever received to make her feel that I am safe in the car while we are travelling. She LOVES my Kurgo True-Fit Car Seat Belt Harness and I do too. It is so comfortable for me to wear, I hardly even know it is on. It fits perfectly over my shirts when I have to wear them, and it keeps me so secure in the car when we are travelling, running errands, just anytime I ride in the car with her. She never lets me ride without it on. And I am secured to an actual seat belt with the extra carabiner attachment belt loop that hooks me (in my harness) to the seat belt in the car. Every dog should have one of these for car travelling safety!! They come in sizes to fit pretty much every size dog, from X-Small to X-Large.
(Sold at Petco and many other fine stores near you) Kurgo Retailer Store Locator Tool Link
**Read my detailed personal review of the Kurgo True-Fit Car Harness from last Summer, that includes LOTS of photos and information.**
5.  Boots and Barkley Bear Pet Hat (approx. $7.99 - $10)
Are you prepared for cuteness overload for your pet? Well, this fuzzy pet trapper style hat definitely fits the bill! This adorably cute winter hat isn't just "cute", it keeps your dog's head and ears very warm. Whether they have floppy ears like me, or ears that stick up like my Pomeranian sisters Peanut and Sassy, this hat will keep a dog's ears toasty warm. The hat has ear holes to let the ears stick out, but you can also keep your dog's ears tucked inside on those wet winter days out in the elements. Target also sells a matching blue fuzzy fake fur lined coat that perfects the look.
(Sold at Target in stores and online) Target Store Locator Tool
6. KONG® Cozie Plush Dog Toys (approx. $5.00 - $12.00)
Kong created another winner in these super fun, durable, plush squeaky toys. The Kong Cozie is one of my ultimate favorite toys. In fact, my sisters and I have one of almost every single character! The Kong Cozie lasts forever it seems, and takes a real beating as far as hard core playing and chewing. They are super fun to flip around, shake, drag through the house, play pull toy with, wrestle with, play fetch with, and cuddle with. Your dog couldn't ask for a better toy friend!
(Available at Petsmart and other pet stores)

7. Charming Pet® Pulleez Plush Dog Toys (approx. $8 - $11)
The Charming Pet Pulleez toys are the cutest stuffed animal interactive dog toys that I am really hoping Santa Paws brings for me and my sisters this year!! They are totally adorable with lots of fun all rolled into one toy. The Pulleez Plush Dog Toys (I really want the light blue zebra one shown here) is super soft and cuddly, has rope toy arms for pulling and play tugging, has several squeakers for fun noisy mischief, and is perfect for shaking, and running around the house like a little hoodlum. Mommy says they are very well made and just too cute to pass up on.
(Sold at Target and many other fine stores) Charming Pet Retailer Store Locator Tool
8. Multipet Loofa Squeaker Mat Dog Toy (approx. $7 - $9)
The Multipet Loofa Squeaker Mat toys are a favorite in my house with me and my sisters. Dixie Mae especially loves her yellow one. One or two squeaks is great in a toy, but a dozen or more?? Absolute HEAVEN!! Every place you grab and bite on these toys squeaks in the bestest way, making it a joy for any and every dog in your life. The Loofa squeaker mat dog toy flops around and is easy for little dogs to hold onto (and big dogs too of course). And look at those fun colors! They put a smile on everyone's face.
(Available at your local Walmart, Target and other pet stores)

9. Hills® Ideal BalanceTM Oven Baked Naturals Dog Treats (approx. $4.50 - 6.50 per bag)
These treats are high quality and well worth the money for several reasons. They are gluten, soy, wheat, corn and grain free (for all us dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs). They have real ingredients that are sourced in the U.S.A. and a few safe places in Europe. They break into small pieces for little dogs so that you don't give too many calories but we still get lots of yummy taste. They are DELICIOUS!!!! Hills Ideal Balance Oven Baked Naturals Dog Treats make a great stocking stuffer.
(Available at Petsmart, Petco, and many other fine Pet stores, including many Veterinarian offices who sell Hills products)
Hills Ideal Balance Pet Food Product Store Locator Tool

10. Dog for Dog Treats and Peanut Butter Bars (approx. $1.99 - $14.99 sizes/quantities vary)
The Dog for Dog company has one of the coolest things going when you buy any of their delicious products. For every single jar of peanut butter (made especially for dog!), bag of treats, bag of food, and other items they sell, Dog for Dog gives the same equivalent item to a dog in need at a shelter or rescue!! Is that not AMAZING??!! Well worth every penny spent. Your dog gets delicious food and treats, and another dog in need gets the same thing. Talk about a winning strategy. I love it!
(Available at Petsmart and many other fine pet stores)
Now remember friends, all these products can also be purchased online, I just wanted to make sure to give you options that you could purchase in the store since we are down to one week before Christmas. I hope this is helpful as you search for 'just the right gift' for your beloved dog, or you dear fur sister or brother.
So, which of these products do you think sounds like the most fun? Which ones do you want to try for yourself? Let me know in a comment below!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Joy of #GivingTuesday - Giving Back Because We Care with Pixel Blue Eyes

Today is a very special day friends. It's #GivingTuesday, a global day dedicated to giving back. On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, charities, families, businesses, community centers, and individuals around the world are coming together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. What a brilliant concept...a global day of giving back to our communities and the charitable causes we care about. Much of the world just spent a lot of time and money on themselves, so today is dedicated to spending on others.
#GivingTuesday was founded in 2012 by New York’s 92nd Street Y, a world-class cultural and community center where people all over the world connect through culture, arts, entertainment and conversation, and in partnership with the United Nations Foundation. Together, with a team of influencers and founding partners, they launched a global movement that has since engaged over 30,000 organizations worldwide. The website has all kinds of information on global efforts, social media events, and news on the amazing efforts that are being made to give to others in profound, generous and loving ways.

And #GivingTuesday isn't just for one day. It kicks off the entire season of giving. Love is in the air and this is the kind of movement I am proud of! So get out there and start giving. It doesn't matter how small, it all matters. Talk about it, tweet about it, give to family, friends, your local shelter. Give your time, your love, a little funds if you have them. Give 10 minutes. Give 10 hours. Give $1. Give $10. The point is just to get out of yourself and GIVE.
I'd love to hear how you are giving back friends! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Joy of Bad Hair Days - Pixel Has Bed Head

Bad hair days. We all have them. What separates the dogs from the puppies is how you deal with them. Are you going to freak out and get stressed over a few (thousand) hairs out of whack of are you going to stand tall and make others think you're starting a new trend in hair fashion? Think about it...and remember this wise Pixel quote, aka Pixelism:
"Don't let bad hair day get you down . Just smile ... like you meant to style it that way ."

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pixel's Adventures in Eating the Best Natural Food for #PinnacleHealthyPets

This post is sponsored by Pinnacle and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Pinnacle’s reformulated Grain Free Dog Food but Pixel Blue Eyes: Her Tails of Adventure only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Pinnacle is not responsible for the content of this article.

I am a kibble connoisseur. I seek out the best and pride myself in knowing what is good. Last month, I went searching for the pinnacle of kibble, the very finest of the finest, the best of the best. Since I seek adventure, nature's bounty and wholesome goodness, I need a dog food that will provide me with good, wholesome ingredients, a holistic dog food that delivers tasty good health but is also good for dogs with sensitive stomachs like mine.

I found the pinnacle of kibble in Pinnacle® Grain Free Holistic Pet Food. Pinnacle launched in 1998 as a breakthrough brand in natural holistic dog food. And while Pinnacle has always had holistic health ingredients like quinoa, pumpkin, kelp, flax seed, blueberries & sweet potatoes (two of my FAVORITE foods) and cottage May 2015, they took all dog recipes Grain Free to facilitate easier digestion.

As mentioned in my Pinnacle article last month, I have been giving this food a try, and let me tell you, this limited ingredient diet, or LID, dog food is delicious! It's the perfect kibble size for chewing, no matter what size dog you are, and the crunch is superb! Now, I don't just try any old dog food, so you can trust that this is good kibble in my humble Pixel opinion. It makes me feel like a real #PinnacleHealthyPet. Mommy and I both give it two paws (and thumbs) up!
Mommy loves to make feeding time a big deal for me, a grand adventure, if you will. When we first started me on the Pinnacle, Mommy had me close my eyes, and she brought the bowl close. "Pixel, can you guess what's in the Pinnacle Holistic dog food?" As she brought it close, I closed my eyes and inhaled the fragrant aroma... Because it has limited natural ingredients, I could actually smell the individual items. "Chicken. Sweet potatoes picked at their peak. Pumpkin (my favorite!), peas, spinach, garbanzo beans, and sweet potatoes."

"Mommy, I can't take anymore sniffing all this yummy Pinnacle kibble goodness, I must eat it now!!" I just can't resist another bowl of Pinnacle Holistic Pet Food with their top quality ingredients.
Mommy loves the fact that Pinnacle Holistic Pet Food is Grain Free, gluten free, and filled with vegetables. Mommy says I have even more pep in my step since I've been eating it. She thinks it's cute that I actually lay beside the bag (it's a very big bag) when it's left out, like it's a toy or a birthday present to be protected. I obviously love my Pinnacle kibble!
One recent adventure took place just the other day. Mommy brought the big bag of Pinnacle Holistic Chicken and Vegetable Dog Food out to feed me, and the bag tipped over. Little bits of kibble went everywhere in the kitchen. I immediately scrambled into action and helped clean it all up. That's just who I am.
Mommy then went ahead and fed me, albeit a little lighter since I sort of fed myself during clean up. I still felt happy to eat a little out of my bowl.
After I was done though, I sensed something was amiss. I knew that I was needed for something special, that my skills should be used right away. I immediately went to Mommy. "Mommy, they are lost. They need my help!" I said to her with haste, as I put my paw in her hand to show I was serious.
"What is lost? Who?" She asked. "The kibble. We missed a couple of pieces of Pinnacle kibble. I can smell them here in the kitchen. I'm the finder of lost kibble Mommy and we can't let them stay lost!" I replied.
"Of course not." She said, "Go find them and get them right away Pixel!"
I searched the ground carefully, seeking the trail of my lost Pinnacle kibble pieces. It didn't take "the finder of lost kibble" long..."they're under the stove!" I barked with joy.
I used my special kibble extraction technique and got the two tiny kibble morsels out from under the stove so they would no longer be lost and alone. I know they felt better being with their own kind in my belly.
It made me feel good knowing I'd done a good deed.Mommy said I was a good girl, and I'm very proud to still be the master "finder of lost kibble" in this neck of the woods!
Here's What Pinnacle Holistic Food Offers Your Pet:
- Quality ingredients like Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Sea Kelp, Cottage Cheese
- Natural, healthy recipes that use high quality proteins
- Antioxidants to support healthy immune system
- Fiber and Probiotics to encourage healthy digestion and small stool
- Promotes general joint health and overall muscle tone
So take it from me, the kibble connoisseur, for natural, ingredient conscious pet parents, Pinnacle pet food provides your pet with high quality ingredients and more, giving your dog the total nutrition he needs for holistic health. To learn more about Pinnacle Holistic Pet Food, visit their Pinnacle website, where they have a Pinnacle product locator tool to help you find a store that sells Pinnacle near you. You can also visit their Pinnacle Pet Facebook page or follow Pinnacle Pet Food on Twitter. And don't forget to sign up to get a $5.00 coupon off Pinnacle pet food products.
Tell me friends, what did you think of my Pinnacle kibble adventure? Would you want to try this food? What sounds good about it? I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Joys of Duckie Parenting - Pixel's Duckies Go Joy Riding, Part I

My duckies decided they wanted to go joy riding this past weekend. They all jumped into my red wagon, make Purple Patrick Duckie the "Spokesduckie" and had him pitch the idea to me Saturday morning. They had already packed a huge lunch (you should see how these duckies pack away food!), they mapped out a few prime "Peak of Autumn" sites to see along the way, which included a few choice ponds for swimming, and all they need was my blessing.
I was a bit concerned having a bunch of young duckies going out on their own for a weekend joy ride, but they assured me they'd be fine. Patrick Duckie is an adult, he's a trained covert operative so he can protect them, and he does have his Red Wagon Duckie Driver's license, so at least I know they'd both ride and be safe.
I checked the tires, did a full inspection of the red wagon, gave them a pep talk about quaking to strangers and sent them on their way.
I somehow had a feeling there was a bit more to this than met the duckie eye, but I couldn't quite put my paw on it. I pulled Purple Patrick Duckie aside as everyone assembled on the front porch. I made Pink Minkie Duckie his second in command. In spite of her wise quack ways, she always had a smart head on her shoulders.
As I watched them pull away, I help my heart in my paw (figuratively of course) and prayed all would be okay. I hoped they had a great time, but at the same time, I hoped they would miss me terribly. Is that bad?
By Sunday night, they still weren't home, so I started reading a self-help book called "Raising Wild Duckies: Putting the Calm Back in your Brood" to see if I can reign them in a little bit. I know that "duckies will be duckies"...I mean, I'm the one that taught them how to hide in a Kleenex box and how to play "kitchen towel hideout". But two days of frivolous red wagon riding on these dangerous mountain back roads has me anxious. I finally got a text from Purple Patrick Duckie Monday night. He said they were all "fine" and would be home soon. He said they had a "surprise" for me too.
Do you think there might be an ulterior motive? That they had one this entire time? We ARE talking Purple Patrick Duckie after all. Let me know your thoughts friends.
And don't forget to visit my fellow pet bloggers websites below, and see what they are up to on this Wordless Wednesday, hosted by my friends at BlogPaws.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pixel's Joy of Hugs, New Paula Deen Dog Food Review & Giveaway

Pixel Blue Eyes, Her Tails of Adventure is not being compensated for this blog post. We were contacted by the company, sent the dog food and asked to do this review.

Pixel's a Southern Dog

I love being a southern dog, I love hugs, and I love good, home cooked food, so imagine my excitement when I was asked to try a new dog food by the quintessential queen of southern home cooking, Miss Paula Deen. I know how much she likes pets so I knew it had to be good, and I jumped at the chance!
Introducing new Paula Deen® Hugs® Premium Select Dog Food. It is specially crafted in 3 scrumptious flavors: Chicken and Rice, Beef and Rice, and Lamb and Rice. Leave it to the queen of good down home cookin' and warm southern hospitality to create a delicious and nutritious gluten free dog food called Hugs! I just want to hug her for it.

Lovely Warm Smiles

It's not widely known, but Paula Deen and I have a lot in common:
1. We both love good food.
2. We both love our family.
3. We both have warm smiles.
4. We both have sparkling blue eyes.
5. We both have great hair.
6. We both have names that start with the letter "P".
7. We're both from the south.
8. We both love to dance! (Be sure to watch and support Paula on Dancing with the Stars on ABC)
Paula Deen loves her pets, and she wanted to create flavorful, nutritious food that dogs would enjoy. The new Hugs Premium Select dog food is made with 100% American raised chicken and beef, has no artificial colors or flavors, and is a fully balanced meal for your dog. The kibble is small and easy to chew for little dogs like me, but large dogs can easily enjoy it too.
When I first heard the Hugs kibble fill my bowl, I couldn't wait to dive in. I always like trying new things. It smells good Mommy!
I went over to my spot in the kitchen where I always eat and gave Mommy my best and most charming southern smile, as she placed the bowl of Hugs Chicken and Rice kibble down for me to try out. Everybody knows chicken and rice is my favorite meal.
My face was in that dish in a flash and I was eating it up faster than you can say "southern fried chicken"! It was delicious! Mommy loved how much I enjoyed it.

Learn More About Paula Deen's Premium Select Dog Food

Here's a few things to know about Paula Deen's Hugs Dog Food:
- Wheat gluten-free
- Ingredients include brown rice, peas, flax seed, and beets (great fiber source)
- All natural with added minerals and vitamins
- Rich in blended Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support healthy skin, shiny coat and strong immune system
- Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance of Adult dogs.
Their recipes do contain corn, so keep this in mind if you have a dog with allergies, as corn can cause issues with dogs who have skin or other allergy issues.
Paula Deen Hugs Premium Select Dog Food is a good mid-range dog food that is not overly expensive and provides a good balanced nutrition for your pet. And right now, my friends at Paula Deen's General Store are offering all my readers $5.00 off ANY SIZE BAG of Hugs Premium Select Dog Food. Just use the coupon code "PDDOGFOOD" when you checkout at the register online.
Get social with Paula Deen by following her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Youtube.

Pixel Blue Eyes is Giving Away Paula Deen Hugs!

There's nothing like getting a big hug to make you feel special right? Well, I'm having a huge giveaway right now that will make every recipient feel that way. 10 Lucky Winners will each receive a Bag of Paula Deen Hugs Premium Select Dog Food!! I have my little red wagon filled with the scrumptious Chicken and Rice formula and the delicious Beef and Rice formula, both in 4.5 pound bags, ready and waiting for me to give to you.
Imagine....FREE FOOD for your dog to try....delivered to your home. It's every dog's dream. Makes my eyes glisten just thinking of it.
Simply enter below and MAKE SURE TO ENTER A VALID MAILING ADDRESS when directed. Enter all the information requested friends, the more information you fill out, the more chances you have of winning! So don't wait, ENTER NOW FRIENDS!!
GIVEAWAY ENDS 11:59 PM EST FRI, October 23, 2015! Don't wait, enter today!!
(Must be a resident of the Continental United States to enter the contest.)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, October 9, 2015

Pixel Flood Resources for Victims of Catastrophic Rains & Flooding in South Carolina

Rains and flooding of epic proportions have hit the eastern U.S. since last weekend, and the waters are still rising. People in South Carolina especially are still suffering immensely with lives lost, homes destroyed, roads obliterated and flooding damaging thousands of homes and businesses. There are many people that are still displaced, and others who live near dams and rivers that threaten to flood their communities at any moment. This tragedy is not over yet. It is the Katrina of the east coast and it's heart breaking!
This is very personal for us. We have friends in Charleston, having lived there for many years, and we've stayed in Columbia a number of times, so this is very personal for us. South Carolinians are wonderful people. Please stay tuned to the local weather if you live in the area, such as Rob Fowler of the Storm Team 2 in Charleston SC. He's an excellent resource for the Lowcountry weather, and Mommy has known him since they worked together many years ago. He's trustworthy and always presents the best information and facts.
We wanted to share some important and helpful information on shelters across the state of South Carolina, as well as share a couple of news articles. Special thanks to dog blog for getting us started in creating this list. God be with everyone in the affected areas and may your lives, communities and homes be returned back to normal soon!

Pet Friendly Rescue Shelters:

  • Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission , 200 Leisure Lane, Irmo, SC
  • Lexington Leisure Center, 108 Park Rd, Lexington, SC 
  • St. Andrews Middle School, 1231 Bluefield Dr., Columbia, SC. Pets on leashes or in crates.
  • Charleston County Sheriff’s Office Work Camp, 3887 Leeds Avenue, N. Charleston. All pet friendly shelters require leashes and/or crates.
  • Lower Richland High School , 2615 Lower Richland Blvd., Hopkins, SC. Pets on leashes or in crates.

Pet Boarding for SC Flood Victims:

  • Pet A Coat Junction – Lexington, SC  803-951-7387
  • VCA Palmetto Animal Hospital – Myrtle Beach, SC  843-903-1900 (24-hour intake!)
  • Chapin Pet Lodge – Chapin, SC  803-345-5082  (1212 Beagle Run Rd)
  • Wescott Acres Pet Resort & Rescue – Columbia, SC  803-407-4708  (86005 Wescott Road)
  • Winding Lane Kennels and Stables – Aiken, SC  803-643-3919

Lost and Found Pet Pages:

S.C. Flood Lost and Found Pets (Facebook Page)
Lost and Found Pets of South Carolina (Facebook Page)
SC Flood Animal Shelter and Rescue Victims (FacebookGroup)

News Articles about Lost/Found Pets and Efforts to Help in South Carolina:

News article listing shelters by county for displaced families (not listing pet friendly, but very helpful. Not everyone has pets and you may be able to get assistance to board your pets just to get through this tough time.)

I will post more information as I find it friends. If you come across any additional information, please share it in a comment below or on my Pixel Blue Eyes Facebook page. Let's help South Carolina and the surrounding communities out. Let's get them through this, and lets save as many pets as we can!

With much love, Pixel and Mommy Jenny