Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pixel's Latest Pixenator 5000 Invention: The Joy of Being Inspired

   I'd like to introduce you to my latest invention, which I currently having in testing's the new Pixenator 5000 Personalized Fave Toy Living Blanket Heat Generator. No need for electricity or actual blankets when you have one of these around. I was inspired after every single toy, dog and bed in this photo got a bath. So there I was, squeaky clean and mostly dry but a bit chilly. And there they were, all fresh out of the dryer. It's amazing how inspiration comes to you at the oddest moments. My favorite part of the whole image is that little Lamby totally photo bombed the shot! She is such a nut....

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Joy of Safe Pet Food - Ingredients & Sourcing Are Important!

Oh hi! I was just enjoying a little after lunch play break with one of my favorite toys. I had the BEST lunch too! In fact, it was so good, I am wearing some of it in my face scruffles. Ever since Mommy had me try the new Hill's Ideal Balance pet food and treats, I've been living the good life, eating the most yummy food and seeing a big smile on Mommy's face when she feeds me. Mommy always wants to feed me the very best, so she has done a LOT of research into different dog foods and treats. It can be a little scary out there, with so many companies claiming to be the "best", all natural, and safe for your pet. Truth be told, we've experienced first hand the negative effects of unsafe pet food, so Mommy is extra cautious and her research is as thorough as can be.
That is why Mommy likes Hill's Ideal Balance pet food so much.
Mommy found out that Hill's does a lot of research and testing of their Ideal Balance line of Natural Pet Food. They do everything they can to make sure it is safe for all pets. Hill's conducts more than 60 quality checks on every batch of food, every ingredient can be tracked by batch or ingredients within 24 hours, and more than 1000 Salmonella tests are conducted every single month. Hill's has ZERO tolerance for Salmonella. How's that for safety?
After dinner the other night, I asked Mommy what makes Hill's Ideal Balance dog food so good. She told me that only the best ingredients go into the making of Hill's dog food, so it must be the high quality, all natural ingredients that makes it good. I started thinking about all the things I know are the best ever, including my favorite toys, crispy rice treats (Mommy and I have a weakness for them), and our garden flowers, since they are definitely all natural. Everything I thought of was high quality, made in America and good for you.
I asked Mommy if I was on the right track in my thinking...she said that I certainly had a great concept and the best imagination ever! She said that it's not just the ingredients that are important, but where they come from matters as well. I asked Mommy to explain what she meant.
Hill's Pet Food is perfectly balanced nutrition, and they are very finicky about what goes in the food and where it comes from. The Ideal Balance line of all natural pet food has NO wheat, corn or soy of any kind and absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. All of Hill's dry food and treat products are made in Hill's very own facilities right here in the U.S. They source all of their meat and poultry from USDA-inspected facilities. Ingredients sourced outside of the U.S. are monitored just as strictly as those from the U.S. And as I stated earlier, Hill's has ZERO tolerance for Salmonella.
So, don't get overwhelmed when it comes to searching for the best food for your pet. Just remember to always do your research: check the ingredients and check the sourcing. Make sure that the food is a perfect balance of the right nutrients, not too little and not too much. And if you are looking to try something new that is made by an American company who really works hard to make their product safe, nutritious and delicious, look no further than Hill's Ideal Balance pet food. It sure has made me and Mommy happy!
Here's an excellent article that further discusses the importance of high quality pet food. Plus you can always go to the Hill's Ideal Balance website.
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Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pixel Ponders "Is Natural Enough?" - The Joy of Knowing The Difference

You know, I am a very natural kind of a dog. I like nature, I like being in nature, and I love things that are all natural. Mommy feels the same way. She is always on the hunt for "all natural" products and food for our family, and especially for me and my sisters. She feels strongly about finding foods that are all natural since we will be ingesting that food into our bodies. She reads the ingredients of everything, pouring over the packaging and analyzing every word. But here is a very important question to ponder:  if a pet food says "natural ingredients" on the packaging, does that mean that it's a good balance of nutrition? Does it mean it will give me every nutrient in a way I will be able to absorb properly?
As I said before, reading the labels are one of the best ways to learn about what your pet is ingesting. Ingredients are important, but it's what's in those ingredients that really makes a difference in delivering those essential nutrients that every body needs, whether human or animal. Nutrient deficiency AND nutrient excess can lead to certain health conditions. Good nutrition is just about ingredients, it's about the proper balance of nutrients.
My friends at Hill's, the makers of the new Ideal Balance Pet Food, have an excellent grasp on this very same subject. They have a few answers for the question "Is natural enough?" Hill's Ideal Balance pet food has the best ingredients like chicken, potatoes, apples, cranberries, carrots and lots of vitamins and minerals, but more importantly, they make each recipe to be a perfect balance of nutrients from those ingredients. Not too much, not too little, so every pet that eats Ideal Balance will get the right amount of nutrients to stay strong and healthy.
The goal of Hill's is to make a pet food with quality ingredients that delivers nutrients like protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals balanced in the right proportions to provide optimal nutrition for your pet. Protein is needed for muscle growth, carbohydrates are needed for energy, vitamins and minerals help create a strong immune system and strong bones and teeth.
According to Kathy Gross, Hill's Pet Nutritionist, “Creating a natural pet food is one thing. Creating a perfectly balanced one to Hill’s high standards is quite another.”
What makes Mommy and I feel good about recommending this food is that Ideal Balance is a true natural pet food crafted by pet nutritionists who know how to perfectly balance natural ingredients for better health for your dog and cat. See for yourself in this video featuring Hill’s Pet Nutritionist Kathy Gross, who chooses to feed Hill’s Ideal Balance to her own pets.

So, now that I've shared just some information on natural ingredients, good nutrients and Hill's Ideal Balance pet food, I encourage you to do some additional research yourself. I know you care as much as Mommy does about the food that your pet eats. Remember that balanced nutrition is the key to good health. Check out the Ideal Balance website for great information about finding the right Ideal Balance food for your pet, compare for yourself how Ideal Balance stacks up against the competition, and be sure to take advantage of the Try Me Free rebate!
Here are a few additional links with some further information to help you be as informed as possible:
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pixel & Hill's Gift Basket Giveaway - Congratulations to 20 Lucky Winners!

Welcome to the first ever "Pixel Blue Eyes Gift Basket Giveaway Award Show" sponsored by Hill's New Ideal Balance Pet Food! I know, that's a mouthful, but these awards provide a mouth full of yummy goodness if you are one of the lucky winners. I am so excited to reveal the 20 winners - 10 winners will receive the awesome Dog Gift Basket and 10 winners will receive the Cool Cat Gift Basket! I dressed up fancy for this very special occasion. It's not everyday you get to give away wonderful prizes like this!
There were numerous entries for both the Dog Gift Baskets and the Cat Gift Baskets. We put a lot of thought and planning into this special giveaway and Hill's Ideal Balance is at the very center of it. Remember that Hill's Ideal Balance pet food and treats is a perfect balance of nutrition that your pet will love. I thought it would be fun to do this drawing the old fashioned pulling the winners out of a hat. The only problem was...I only had one nice hat, but two separate drawings. So, I had Mommy put the cat entries in the hat (get it? Cat in the Hat, BOL!) and the dog entries in a nice pretty box.
Mommy and I were very careful to ensure fairness for all. Each entry was written on a piece of paper, folded up and placed in the appropriate location. They were mixed up super well, then the winners were drawn at random. I inspected each one that was drawn, first for the dog basket winners, and then for the cat basket winners. I wouldn't let Mommy see any of the winners until they were all drawn. So, without further adieu, let me announce the Lucky Winners. If your name is on the winners lists below, email me your first and last name, your pet's name, your physical shipping address, phone number and a valid email address, and of course a reminder of which basket you won. I will compare to my list just to make sure everyone gets their correct gift basket of goodies.
1. Diane Bykowski
2. Amy Martis
3. Cindy Kolis
4. Patricia Willis
5. Mitzi Frank
6. Janet Keefe
7. Donna Platt
8. Joanne Halstead
9. Carol K.
10. Sharon Elliott
1. Richelle Lowman
2. Lynette Conkle
3. Carol Purwin
4. Lisa Barnett
5. Heidi Jennings
6. Victoria Christo
7. Kris Calvino
8.  Lucille Hertel
9. Sharon Piper
10. Betsy Johnson McComas
Please see below for details on how to claim your gift basket.
Now, I would LOVE to see photos of you with your gift basket, but only if you feel comfortable doing so. Maybe your cat(s) or dog(s) opening it or enjoying it. If you DO feel like doing this, please post your photo(s) on my Facebook page at #/pixelblueeyes.
Thank you to everyone who participated in this. It was so much fun, I think I might just do this again in the next couple of months...what do you think?
CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS of the Hill's Ideal Balance Gift Basket Giveaway!! If you are a winner, please email me at 'pixelblueeyes (dot) blog (at) gmail (dot) com' and provide me with the following information:  Your First & Last Name; U.S. physical street address including city, state, zip code where a package can be delivered (not by the post office); Phone Number; Pet's Name(s) and whether it is cat or dog; and of course, a Valid Email Address.
Please send me this information by Friday October 4, 11:59 pm PST.
**NOTE: If you are having this delivered to a rescue, shelter or as a gift, please give me the name of the person or group it is going to as well.
I can't wait to hear from every one of the prize winners...and for those who did NOT win, I wish you the very best of luck next time. Thank you again to Hill's Pet Nutrition, makers of the new Ideal Balance line of pet food for sponsoring this fun giveaway!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Delay in Hill's Gift Basket Giveaway Due to Pixel Family Emergency

Hello my friends. I wanted to tell everyone that yesterday's big announcement of the winners of the Hill's Ideal Balance Dog and Cat Gift Baskets was delayed yesterday due to my dear sister Dixie Mae having horrid seizures that would not stop. She had to go to the vet twice and was finally admitted to the hospital last night. Dixie Mae seized the entire drive down there, with Mommy trying her best to keep her calm & safe. That latest seizure would not stop, it lasted almost 2 hours at least. At 1am, after Dixie had been at the vet almost an hour and was given seizure medicine intravenously, she was still seizing. It was terrible. Today Dixie Mae is doing better but still at the hospital on constant watch by the wonderful people there. Dr. Mask takes amazing care of us!
Please keep Dixie Mae in your thoughts and prayers, and I promise to announce the winners hopefully tonight in the special post that I was making for the giveaway. Keep checking back here for the announcement post, and if you are on Facebook, please visit my page for updates as well. I bet Dixie Mae and her Mommy (my grammy) would love to have you visit her page as well and leave a message of love. Talk to you soon my friends!