Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Joy of Adventure - Pixel Tries her Paw at Being a Survivalist

Pixel Blue Eyes here, reporting to you live from the field as I wrap up an extraordinary adventure, practicing my canine survival skills in the great outdoors. Now, I know you are asking yourself "Why?" It is all for the greater good you see...my greater good. If you remember, I was given the great honor, along with the My Brown Newfies blog, of winning the "Who Let the Dogs Out at BlogPaws" blogging contest in February that was hosted by BlogPaws and Tillman Skates. We won a trip to the "BlogPaws 2013 Pet Blogging & Social Media Conference" near Washington, DC, so Mommy and I have been planning for that wonderful adventure at BlogPaws ever since.
On Saturday, Mommy and I found these awesome saddle bag backpacks by Outward Hound on sale in my size. I thought they'd be perfect for me and wanted to get them. I told Mommy that it really wouldn't be fair for her to carry all the luggage and items we will need while at the conference, so I suggested she get the bags for me. I told her that I wanted to be able to carry my own kibble (dry food), and I promised that I wouldn't eat it all at once. She agreed and we got them, along with matching portable food and water dishes that fit inside the packs. I couldn't wait to try them out!
Once we got home, I thought it best to do a real life field test of my saddle backpack, because although we bought them for our trip, there are many things that could happen in which I might need to survive out there.
Being a survivalist takes skill, and you need to know your terminology. I called my field test "TEOTWAWKI-DE" in order to be authentic. TEOTWAWKI (tee-et-wok-ee) stands for "The End of the World as We Know It" and is the catch phrase for survivalists and preppers everywhere. I added the "DE" at the end so everyone would know it's the "Doggie Edition".
The very first thing I did was pack my bags with the bare necessities to survive. Preppers call them "Bug Out Bags" or B.O.B.'s for short. If I'm going to practice surviving, I need to be as realistic as I can. So, I packed the following:
As you can see, I have the backpacks (bowls already inside), one of my Kong Wubbas (a tool no dog should be without), some water (hydration is super important!), my tail medicine (I DO need to be realistic about my health), some dry kibble (in case I can't forage well enough), a notepad and pen to write my adventures (since I won't have my computer), and finally a lip balm, because Mommy always says, "I'd never survive without my lip balm!"
The bags were packed and I was off! As soon as I was in the wilderness, I sniffed the ground to see if I could catch a scent of some big game or something. A survivalist must be able to fend for themselves, so reading the terrain for signs of wildlife is a crucial skill if one is to survive. Nothing was happening in that direction, so I proceeded onward.

 I decided that I should probably gather some firewood and kindling for a fire in case it got cold. I did so quickly, for I knew that wild animals can lurk about in the wilderness. I was on alert every second.

 Sure enough, I saw a tiger-werewolf-monkey behind some trees, so I ran as fast as I could, just like a cheetah, and I lost him! It's a good thing I love running fast and practice it all the time at home, otherwise he might have gotten me. I was thrilled to know that my new saddle backpacks really moved with me and stayed on with no problem.
Once the coast was completely clear, I thought it best to just do some foraging for native plants and roots that I could survive on if need be.
 I used my powerful sniffy nose to seek out some edible plants. I know grass is okay, because I eat that all the time. But I was looking for something a little less "urpee", like chicory, dandelions or clover. Unfortunately, it's still a little early in the season, so I tried something else...

Yep!! This is definitely NOT very edible...YUCK!
At one point, I climbed to the highest summit I could find, to take a survey of the wilderness in which I was trying to "survive". My journey had been long and arduous, and I was beginning to get tired.
As I climbed back down off the great peak, I felt it best that I begin my journey back home. I had braved the elements, used my resources as best I could and managed to survive, thanks to my quick thinking and new saddle bag backpacks.
 As I walked along, I thought back to my many adventures while on this "TEOTWAWKI-DE" survival adventure, and felt confident I'd done my best. I missed Mommy, Grammy, Grampy, my dearest Auntie Helen, my sisters Peanut Pumpkin Pie and Dixie Mae, and even my kitty sisters. It was time to go home.

As I thought of Mommy and our warm bed, 3 square meals a day, and all the fun and love I have with my family, I had moments where I ran, anxious to get there faster.
 Finally, as I reached the final leg in my journey home, I saw Mommy. "Mommy!!!" I cried, as she opened her arms to me. Her face was the sweetest sight on earth!
Our reunion was beautiful and sweet, for no matter how long or short a time we are apart, whether miles away or across the yard from each other, we love being reunited. "Oh, how I missed your loving touch Mommy," I said. "Dearest Pixel, I promise that as long as I live, you will never have to try and 'survive' on your own, okay?" Mommy said as she held me close.
So, for now, my saddle bag backpacks will indeed only be needed for our BlogPaws adventure trip in May...and perhaps for some mini adventures we take together out in the great 'unknown'.
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  1. I think they could use you as a bomb sniffer dog or when somebody gets lost. Imagine the adventures then Pixel.

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  2. What a wonderful adventure, Pixel! You did great at proving you could survive out there. But it is always better being at home with Mommy and your family. I bet you will have a great fun adventure at BlogPaws too, can't wait to hear all about it afterwards. :)

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  3. That's pawsome, Pixel! You're such a pretty dog! Your backpack looks way cool. I can't wait to meet you in real life at BlogPaws!

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  4. Luv your backpack! Hope you have gun at blog paws. Mom still might go but she would fly, so I would have to stay home :(

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  5. What a great adventure. I can see Mama already getting ideas about saddle packs for our upcoming fundraising walks.

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  6. I love your new backpack! It's so fun and colorful!
    Thanks for stopping by our blog yesterday! We are really excited to meet you at BlogPaws!

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  7. Pixel you look great. We love those backpacks.

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  8. Hiya Pixel - I was following your survival adventure with your new back-packs with much interest. Those packs are such a cute colour too. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

    Is the lip-balm for you or Mommy?

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

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  9. Very interesting, Pixel! Glad you had a great survival adventure! I made saddlebags for my mini dachshund years ago for camping and hiking. They are great...I think I need some for Sweet Pea now...Sammy's are too small! Here's to more wonderful adventures!

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