Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Joy of Taking Action for Causes You Believe In

You know, my Mommy and I try to do all we can for those that we know are in need. As you have read in previous Pixel 'Tails,' one of my many skills is nursing. I love caring for my loved ones and being there for them at a moment's notice, helping them through difficult times, and just being there, as only a Pixel can be. Well, I have made friends along the way who also serve those that they care for. They work tirelessly day and night to help and support those in need, be it family, friend or ones they don't know...and they are even CERTIFIED to do it! I am talking about my fellow animals who are certified service and therapy animals...did you know they even have service miniature horses? Now THAT is cool!! These wonderful friends go to hospitals, nursing homes, or work directly with one person who needs assistance, doing things like helping them go to the store, or cross the street, or any number of other things to help their humans have the best life possible. I must say, I really admire my fellow animal friends for being such a good help to our wonderful human friends.
My mommy and I have a friend who runs the Canadian Registry of Therapy and Service Animals, CRTASA, and they have launched an important petition to help support a Centralized Registry for Therapy and Service Animals in Canada and the USA and to establish a Universal Photo Identification Card for Therapy & Service Animals. With so many different certified locations, and so many different ID cards for service animals, it is sometimes hard to keep track of everyone. I think that having one super cool centralized ID card would be great! It would help all the stores and businesses in all areas of the country better be able to identify those wonderful service animals, no matter where they might be from. My Mommy has already signed this very important petition, and I hope you will join me in supporting it too.
Here is a word from our friend Maxine, the President of CRTASA:
"Please sign this petition and share it with your associates to help us reach our goal of 5,000,000 signatures. We care deeply about this cause, and hope you will support our efforts to opening Society's Doors and Minds to Service Animals across North America."
Canadian Registry Therapy Animals and Service Animals Support CRTASA's Registry of Therapy & Service Animals: 
From one dog who serves others to all service animals and therapy animals and animal lovers, I urge you to help make a difference for those around you. As I start training to get my official therapy dog certification, I could use your support in my efforts, by helping this national registry become a reality. You never know, I might someday be visiting a hospital near you!