Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Joy of Recognition - My First Blogging Award

As a pet blogger, my focus in sharing my Pixel 'Tails of Adventure' is to bring joy, laughter, and occasional bits of doggie life in site as only a dog can do. It is also my goal to spread smiles throughout the Internet world. I have been blogging for about 3 years now, so it is just a part of who I am now. I have made wonderful friends with fellow dogs and cats blogging like I do. I have made lots of great connections with people and organizations all sharing a common bond of love for animals and human kind. 
Well, I was completely surprised the other day by my friend and fellow pet blogger, Basset Momma, who awarded me with the 'Pawsome' Blog award, which is awarded to  blogs that bring love, laughter and 'furriendship'.  She has such a wonderful blog that always makes me smile. I do try to bring love, laughter and friendship in all I do, every day, so  to be recognized for  it was such an honor.
So this weekend, I had the difficult task of choosing only 8 blogs, when I have so many wonderful blogging friends out there. I chose to highlight blogs that I (of course) really enjoy, but also blogs that are very new, could use more followers, and have not won this award before. At least, I did my best to do so. 
The rules of this award are as follows: 
1. It is awarded to a blog that brings  love, laughter and 'furriendship' to others. 
2. Each recipient, if possible, must then pass the award on to 8 other blogs that bring the same joy to its readers. 
3. The recipient of the award must display the award icon somewhere on their blog. 
What a joyful and wonderful way to share the love!  Here are the 8 blogs I chose, and a little about each of the blogs to whom I am passing this award.

The Chronicles of Mister Marmee is a very unique blog, whose author is from an unlikely background. Mister Marmee is a consulting detective cat from Victorian London, who has been given the rare ability to access our century to share his many adventures and memoirs as part of a crime solving duo that includes Sir Happy Heart, perhaps the greatest detective the world has ever known. His words are brilliantly spoken, and you can almost hear his accent as he tells his tales. Having been a rescue cat himself, Mister Marmee truly understands the  plight of his fellow creature. I encourage you to visit his blog often, and stay tuned, he is currently finishing up work on his memoirs.  
Four Mini Schnauzers and a Maltese Boy is an charming blog with some of the sweetest photos of a mini schnauzer named Christmas and her family of pups. They share their experiences with their human Mommy as she bakes homemade doggie treats and lets them help every step of the way. These pups are amazingly cute, with some of the brightest smiles around. They do a great job of bringing lots of smiles and happiness to each post, plus their Mommy shares details on all the wonderful treats she prepares with love for her five 'kids'. 
Gracie Lu Shih Tzu celebrates the joy of being an adorable Shih Tzu who loves all creatures great and small. She not only blogs about her own happy life with her Mommy who adores her, but Gracie Lu also shares stories and photos of sweet creatures from all corners of her world. She has a great sense of humor and enjoys telling all kinds of stories of her life. Her posts always make me laugh and smile, no matter her subject. She is also an avid Twitter anipal, so check her out there as well...@GracieLuShihTzu

Mitzi Jo was one of the first blogging friends I met. She has a sweet heart and face, and is actually a bit of a celebrity blogger. She and her Momma run a doggie daycare and Mitzi Jo, MJ for short, shares her adventures there, as well as her adventures on the celebrity scene. She is completing a book due out soon, she has been in local movie productions and has even been in a commercial with  Cesar Milan ,the Dog Whisperer, for his new show on National Geographic Television. Check it out here: Cesar Milan National Geo Commercial
Peanut Pumpkin Pie is a truly delightful, fun blog with loads of personality plus. Peanut is a down to earth Pomeranian Princess, sharing her adventures in life. She even shares her ideas and views on what she calls 'Peanut Economics'. You will always get a kick out of her photos and views on the world around her. Peanut has an infectious smile that will light up your day, so definitely check her out. 

Sadie Shih Tzu is a flufftastic doggie blogger who lives in Canada with her British person. She has one of the best sayings I have ever heard..."Face licking is like meditation, but it tastes better!" She has been blogging her many adventures since she was a mere puppy and she loves introducing new blogs to her followers. She is also on Twitter, and has quite a following, including the one and only Ellen Degeneres. You can view her twitter page and follow her at @sadieshihtzu

Salvatore's Boarding House is a non-profit organization that is building, from the ground up, a dream home 'haven' for homeless animals of all kinds. They are building a cage free, no kill animal sanctuary in a home environment that will shelter animals from all across the U.S. until they find their forever loving home. Salvatore's Boarding House is raising awareness and funds to assist in their noble cause. Their enthusiasm and love of all animals is catching, and I encourage you to support Salvatore's Boarding House in any way you can. You can follow them on Twitter at @S_BoardingHouse
Susie-Bell is a very special dog with a very special story that she and her parents share on her blog called 'Susie-Bell the Foodie Schnauzer'. Her loving family rescued her from a puppy mill farm in the UK, where she was forced to breed puppies over and over in a horrible environment. She was nursed hack to health, and now they spend their days together, sharing the joy of life, unconditional love and amazing food. Her family hand prepares her home cooked meals and shares their amazing recipes, as well as Susie-Bell's daily life, in her blog. It is a heart warming journey that I know you will be so glad you could share. 

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THESE FANTASTIC BLOGS! Now, please go visit and even follow each blog, leave a comment of encouragement & congratulations, and share the love. Thank you again, Basset Momma, for this very kind and gracious "Pawsome Blogger" award. 
This is also part of a Monday Mischief Blog Hop, so go visit the other blogs listed below this post and see what they were up to this weekend  as well ! This Blog Hop is brought to you by Alfie's Blog, Snoopy's Dog Blog, My Brown Newfies, and Luna, A Dog's Life

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Lots of Puppy Love and Kisses from
Pixel Blue Eyes! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Joy of Watching Over Mommy

After such a flurry of activity over the last few weeks, especially last weekend's Super Dog Sunday, this weekend was very different. Mommy got sick with an unknown illness in which the doctor's are trying to find answers. She is not breathing all that well and has chest pain, so I have been watching her like a hawk. All this past weekend I was constantly by her side as she rested. I would bring her an occasional toy and play with it to entertain her, but mostly I just lay close to her. I am a Nurse Pixel after all.

Mommy always has the camera close. The pretty sunshine was pouring in beautifully through the window glass and she didn't have to use the flash on her camera. Mommy says the natural light really helps show off my pretty Pixel blue eyes. See how I have blue in the center, then the edge of my eyes have a pretty golden hazel? My eyes change depending on the light, the camera flash, maybe even my mood. She told me later that she just held the camera to the side while I was gazing up at her with concern and love. She is so sweet to me, I cannot help but adore her!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Joy of the Game Part II - Pixel's Football Action Shots

Here are some of my favorite photos that Mommy took of me when we played football this week, all in honor of SUPER DOG SUNDAY and SUPER BOWL SUNDAY.
A Pre-Game football portrait of me with my official SUPER DOG SUNDAY football.

Listening to my coach for instructions as the game begins. Nothing like a beautiful sunset as we start to play. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!

And we have kickoff. The joy of the game begins for me as I watch that ball fly through the air!

What a catch! I didn't know I could play this well so early in the game.

Another high flying catch. This time I jumped so high to catch that football that I couldn't even fit in the frame! My goodness, this is fun! (and I DID catch that ball...see the very top of the image, there it is.)

Listening as the crowd goes wild!

Wow! The fans are really lovin' my plays, as they have created a collage of my image in the crowd. That makes me feel super special!

Almost....almost. I got it!

The Joy of the Game...written all over my face as I bring the ball in for a touchdown!

Announcer says: "...and Pixel Blue Eyes brings it home again. And the crowd starts chanting 'Pixel, Pixel'!"

Running the ball across the line as I make my final touchdown and win the game. My goodness that was fun! What a wonderful day!

Don't forget to visit my 'Joy of the Game Part I' to see my friend Flurry, a beautiful giant schnauzer mix who needs a forever home real soon. She lives in Texas, and is listed with Pet Finders

The Joy of the Game - Super Dog Sunday Part I

~~Pixel's Official Contest Photos Blog Post ~~
It is Super Bowl Sunday here in the U.S. But for dogs and pet bloggers all over the internet, it is SUPER DOG SUNDAY! This specific post is part of a very fun Blog Hop where pet blogs post their most fun football pet photos to share. One cannot help but be excited that there is a contest with prizes awarded by our Fantastic Hosts: ALL THINGS DOG BLOG & DOG TIPPER, but all of this fun is really about supporting the PET FINDER FOUNDATION, who works with shelters, rescue organizations and animal welfare organizations across the country to help ensure that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a good home. 
I have two very special football photos to share...  
The first one is of myself. The football was supplied by our two hosts a few weeks ago. I have been practicing my best football plays, and Mommy caught the action on camera. Here I am, running as I carry the ball I caught moments before into the 'end zone.' Can you see the dirt & stuff flying up from my paws and my ears flapping as I run? What a fun day it was! You can catch all the cool Pixel football action with lots and lots of photos at this blog link

This second very special photo is of a superstar named Flurry. Isn't she beautiful? She is a giant schnauzer mix and lives in Texas at the Pasadena Animal Rescue & Assistance shelter. She has the sweetest face, eyes and smile...and she needs a forever home really badly. I can tell she will be lots of fun to play with and cuddle. 
I had fun using Image Chef software to give her the superstar display she deserves. I wish I could be friends with her! Why don't you go see her on her Pet Finder's page? Please help her find her forever, loving home, just like I did. 

Click HERE to see ALL the amazing Pixel football action photos. They are very fun and full of good plays, if I do say so myself. Love you all! Pixel

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Joy of Spring...Two Months EARLY - (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday

Wow, it is so pretty outside today Mommy...are you sure it's still winter?
I am sniffin' the air for cold weather...I don't smell anything.
Is that a gold finch singing up there? Do I have something on my chin? 
I think I'd better shake off hopes of any more snow this winter.
Let's Go Play!

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