Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Joy of Helping Out - Pixel Tells Grammy it's time to eat

I might be a mini Schnauzer, but I am also a really good pointer too! Whenever it is time to eat, one of my family members gets all our bowls and lines them up on the counter to distribute food, doggie meds, etc and we must all wait until everyone's bowl is ready, then we all eat our respective corners that is. Well, sometimes I like to help things along by standing and pointing to the food bowls once I think they are ready enough to chow down on.
Here is a video of me illustrating that it is time to eat. I am very nice and quiet about it, but actions speak louder than barks! **Mommy wanted me to tell you that she has no idea why the video looks so awful in it. The quality was terrible when we watched it in YouTube, when we have a high definition video camera. Not sure what the deal was, but it's still cute.
Let me know what you think and tell YOU have a doggie that does something like this?
~ Love and Hugs, Pixel

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thoughts & Prayers for Sandy Hook Elementary School

Mommy and I, and our entire family, have had heavy hearts all weekend over the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT. We've talked about it, cried about it, prayed about but cannot reconcile our hearts as to why someone could do something so evil. I know that the question, "Why?" can never be answered, for evil exists and there will never be a logical reason why some people prey upon the innocent. So I just ask that everyone send up prayers and messages of hope and comfort for the entire community of Newtown and Sandy Hook Connecticut. Pray for the family and friends of those who were lost or injured, pray for the first responders who ran into danger to save all those who were rescued, pray for the children, parents and school employees who survived. Pray for the family of the person who did this.
Hug your loved ones, find ways to show them just how special they are, and cherish each day that we are given. I love you all, and pray that you find peace in your own hearts. I believe you can send letters or cards of love and comfort to the school. I know they will need all the love and support they can get. Here is the address: 
Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

I would love to hear if you do send something or do something for them. I'd also love to have you share your thoughts with me. Just leave a comment on this post my friends. Thank you. Sending Pixel love and hugs to each of you! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Joy of Smiles and Laughter - Pixel Shares Lots of Happy Photos

 With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we must not forget the joy of being silly, the joy of smiling, of laughing and the joy of the season. So on this (mostly) Wordless Wednesday, I wanted to share some of my most fun times in the last couple of months with Mommy. She is, after all, always the one behind the camera as we play! Now, all I ask is that you tell me in a comment which one is your favorite photo...and you can pick more than one!

The shy, cover my face Pixel smile & giggle.

The super funny, laugh out loud Pixel smile.
The Bright Eyed 'glad to meet you' Pixel smile.

The Excited 'I'm doing my tricks so well' Pixel Smile.

The 'I am just having TOO much fun doing my tricks with Mommy' Pixel smile.

The 'subtle yet hopeful' Pixel smile
The 'Pixel as a motivational speaker' smile.
The 'I make a beautiful butterfly, don't I Mommy' Pixel smile.

The 'Princess Pixel of the Blue Fairies' smile.*

The 'Christmas Angel' Pixel smile.*
Now, which ones are your favorite? 
And do you think I should start my own line of 
Pixel Blue Eyes greeting cards?
*Princess and Angel image sparkles and illustrations provided by our dear friend Jessica Smith from 
Everybody Loves Sammy.

Thank you so much for sharing in some of my, click below to see what some of my friends are sharing on this mostly Wordless Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Joy of Giving and Receiving - Pixel Helps Others and Gets a Birthday Gift

There are many things that I love to do, but this weekend I got to do two of my very favorite things...and both were with Mommy. One is to help & give to others and the other is to play. I started out my weekend by helping Mommy make a bunch of new bandanas for the shelter pets that she photographs every Saturday to help them get adopted. We ironed material, cut out triangles in different sizes, and folded all pretty to bring to the shelter.
My cat sister Noel agreed to help me try some of them on, because Mommy needed to see how they would look. Modeling is hard work too! Noel made hers look really good. I look a little like a cowgirl in mine, but that's fine with me. Mommy said I looked a lot like the famous actress Dale Evans. I just about blushed at such a compliment! Mommy went on to the shelter later and said that all the dogs and cats looked GREAT thanks to our efforts. Noel and I felt pretty happy about that. What a great way to start off my birthday week!
Yes, my birthday is fast approaching and I have been counting down the days until I turn 5 years old on Wednesday, December 6th 2012. Can you tell I am excited?? I just can hardly wait! We will be celebrating it next weekend, but I believe in getting the party started early. I had received a special birthday card from Petsmart that had a 'free toy' card in it just for me. Can you believe it? I felt pretty doggone special and couldn't wait to go spend it at the store.
**NOTE: The following four photos were taken with Mommy's 'dumb phone' as she calls it. The camera is like half a mega pixel, so bad resolution cannot be helped. Thank you. **End of message (*giggles)
So, Mommy, Grammy and I drove down to the nearest Petsmart with card in hand to find me the best toy ever. I rode in my carrier attached to Mommy and I couldn't wait to start looking. When we first got there, we looked around a bit but somehow ended up in the cat aisle. "Mommy, I don't think I'll find what I want here."
After walking around and looking at some really neat beds and stuff (I still can't believe she 'wandered' into the sweater aisle!), Mommy, Grammy and I finally got to the super amazing, long and beautiful toy aisle. I am pretty sure the clouds parted and little birds were singing because millions of toys in one location is pretty heavenly! There was just so much to choose from...
There are lots and lots of wonderful toys in the world. Balls, squeaky toys, Frisbees, indestructible dragons, fuzzy snowmen, loofa toys...but one toy stands above all the rest for me. If there was one 'holy grail' toy for a little Pixel Blue Eyes, it would be the Kong Wubba. "Mommy, Mommy! Here they are, right here!"
Look at some of the color choices I had. WOW!! Kong Wubbas are one of the most amazing toys ever...did I say that already? They literally last for years. The first one I ever got was about 3 years ago, and I still have it! They last for years and never wear out, except for my red one that lost it's squeak, but it's still a blast to play with. I can run with them, shake them like crazy, catch them in mid air, and play 'pull the toy' with Mommy. Now....which color do I want?
If you guessed I would pick Pink, you were totally right. See, I already have a red, blue and purple one, so pink seemed like a perfect choice. The moment we got it home, I begged Mommy to get it out of the packaging. When she gave it to me, I grabbed it quicker than you can say Rumpelstiltskin.
"Come on Mommy, let's go play right now!" 
First we played 'Pull the Toy Tug-of-War' together with my PetSmart free birthday toy. Mommy thought it was cool that my Kong Wubba had the word "Puppy" embroidered on it. None of my other Wubbas have that, so that just reaffirmed that I picked the right one for me. After all, I am still a puppy, even if I am turning 5 yrs old. 
 Then Mommy threw it in the air a bunch of times for me because she knows how much I LOVE to catch my toys. This was my very best catch caught on camera. I'm pretty sure I jumped a good 5 feet in the air to catch it, BOL! Not bad for a soon-to-be 5 yr old little girl! I just played and played with it. Our next order of play business was to have Mommy throw it down the hall. I'd run like the wind to go get it too. My little paws flew like lightening down that slippery floor, almost acting as a hover craft at some moments where I barely touched the ground (or so Mommy says). We had so much fun!
By the end of our fantastic play time with my new Kong Wubba birthday toy, I was completely spent.
 Mommy caught me on camera, after I fell fast asleep holding my new toy. I told you they were special. 
Thank you Mommy & Grammy for taking me to get my new wonderful toy! And thank you my dear friends, for letting me regale you with my toy shopping and then playing adventure. I love each one of you!!! Sleep sweet and remember to always try and find joy in the little things. P.S. I love you new toy Kong Wubba!! ♥  
Goodnight my dear sweet friends...I am super exhausted from such fun with my new toy. Goodnight Kong Wubba...thank you for being my new toy. Thank you Petsmart, for sending me a birthday toy card! I am one lucky Puppy!
You'll have to go see what my friends have been up to this past weekend in the Monday Mischief blog hop. Have fun exploriing!!