Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trouble with T.P.

When I was a young and inexperienced 3 month old, I made a very interesting, and I thought helpful, discover y...toilet pa per. I know this looks bad, but I was merely trying to clean up after myself...I am a puppy you know!

Things just got a bit out of hand. No opposable thumbs makes it very difficult to create a nice cushion of pillowy softness for cleaning up stuff.
I promise, I wasn't enjoying it...okay, maybe just a little bit. Alright, you've got me, it was a blast!! I especially liked seeing just how far I could run without the long stream breaking.

My giant big brother Jessie was overwhelmed by my antics, and he tried to act nonchalant as I ripped that paper to shreds right beside him. But the more I shred, the more there was!

As I pondered the experie nce, I realized what I needed to do in the future... EAT the paper. That way, evidence is long gone...yeah, that's it!
One good adventure and lesson down, many, many more to go...wait til I tell you about sticky flags!!


  1. Haha aww you're such an adorable puppy. I just loved this blog. I didn't really understand what was it about when i read the first paragraph lol.

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  2. The puppy and the mother dog look cute. Seems like the kid puppy is very naughty and his moves make you smile watching him.

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