Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Trouble with Hairbrushes

Mommy always says that it's important to brush your hair to keep it pretty and healthy. But I'm not as keen to that idea as she is. I like the actual feel of the brush running through my hair, but sometimes the bristles are a bit much, so I am always squeamish about it. And I swear, sometimes that thing comes out of nowhere, sneaking up on me when I least expect it!
I usually try my intimidating stare technique on the brush, just like Bolt does in his movie. I am merely trying to keep the brush in line and to make sure that it knows I will only put up with so much.
But just when I think I have outsmarted it, Mommy scoops me up (usually after I have gotten into something sticky!) and brings THE BRUSH out and starts fussing over me.
I am stealthy, however, and I occasionally get my revenge on the irritating brush. I can sneak up on that brush just as well as it sneaks up on me...take that!


  1. I hate hairbrushes too Pixel. I've tried growling at them but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Biting them seems to be a better method. I see you're already trying that out :) Beat that brush. Together we can do it!

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  2. Haha, Sadie! We must be kindred spirits then. I have since adjusted my love/hate relationship with, I must be pelted with little tiny treats, every few seconds. THEN, I will allow a little brushing. But I still hate the blow dryer after a bath! So glad to meet you my friend!

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  3. we hate those torture devices too. brushes should be chewed on, not put on our furs!

    ♥yuki and rocket

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