Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Pixel's Mommy here. She would be shocked to know that I have a copy of her password to her blog, but I just had to sneak in and say....

Happy Birthday Pixel!!!!!

We will be celebrating her birthday this weekend, but I could not let the day pass without sharing this. Pixel is the sweetest, prettiest, smartest, most talented schnauzer on the planet and it is my honor to be her Mommy. As I watch her sleep right now, her sweet little freckles are peeking through her white fur, and she is just amazing to me. Her wit, her tender "Nurse Pixel" ways, her unconditional love, her need to forever cuddle, the creative games she plays, the many tricks she has 'taught me'...this little dog has brought so much joy to me and I am blessed beyond measure to be hers. 

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