Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Joy of Toys - A Pixel Exclusive

Toys are very important. I believe one should always have them nearby.
When you are alone, toys can comfort you if you are sad.
Toys are always ready to play and never get tired.
Toys even make great fortresses when you need to feel secure.
As a puppy, I used to get overwhelmed and didn't know how to pick a good toy.
Now I understand that the simplest choice can often bring the most joy.
 My advice: ALWAYS have an arsenal of toys nearby, so you can share when friends come to visit.
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  1. You've got quite a selection of toys Pixel! I just love seeing those sweet brown eyes light up!

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  2. Just stopping by to say hi! We found you on WW. You sure are a smart doggy and a cute one too!

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  3. Oh look at all those wonderful toys! Looks like simple always wins! Either way it would be a blast helping you pick some out! Happy WW! ~Weinerful Gang~

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  4. Is that WHOLE basket of toys yours? oh dear. it WOULD be hard to choose! cute post!

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  5. Hello darling Pixel.

    True, the simplest ones are the ones you often pick. My dogs love them squishy ones. I bet you love them too.

    I just dropped by to say Hi again.

    Huggies and Cheese,


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  6. WOW Pixel I like the size of that toy basket! Ours isn't THAT full and there are 6 of us. You are certainly one pampered pooch. I like using myb toys as pillows sometimes besides play fighting with them.

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  7. that many toys, especially if i could reach them, would never last in our house. our main goal with toys is first destroy and then try to eat them...we're very viscious dogs! only thing our mom allows us to play with unsupervised is our rope toys.

    yuki and rocket

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