Monday, August 6, 2012

Pixel's Weekend Recap - Mischief Monday

I had a very eventful weekend. I had to be nurse Pixel to two sickly family members, and I received a much anticipated item in the mail. My Mommy told me Thursday night that she had been bitten hard by the office bug. I immediately thought of that rogue bee that bit me and so I checked her over really well for a stinger. She didn't have one that I could find, but I made her go to the doctor Friday morning just in case, especially since she had to call in sick.
When she got home after the doctor's office, I made her rest and I held all her calls while she lay down.
Next thing I know, my cousin Peanut started acting like she was ill too. She came up on the bed with me and Mommy and snuggled, which is often unusual when Peanut's Mommy is not home. So, I lay close to both Mommy and Peanut, snuggling them both. Peanut ended up needing to go to the vet and get fluids and nausea medicine, so I made her a poster from the photos Mommy took of us.
I also received something in the mail that me and Mommy had been waiting for since the U.S. Super Bowl at the beginning of February. I had won an official doggie NFL football jersey during a Twitter Pawty for "Super Dog Sunday". It has my our favorite team of the Carolina Panthers. Well, I am not too keen on wearing lots of clothes, so I had Mommy try the jersey on my stuffed Morgan Dog first. It looked real good on her, so we posed together.
After a few photos, I finally agreed to try on the super cool looking Carolina Panthers jersey against my better judgement. As you know, sweaters tend to take my super powers away. Sure enough, as soon as the jersey was on, it became like a lead safe and I was forced to lay down frog dog style from the heaviness of the jersey...just like kryptonite does to Superman!
Mommy tried to help me regain my strength. After some sweet Mommy coaxing, and a few kibble snacks to help out,  I was able to give Mommy a big Pixel smile. Maybe I will get used to this jersey thing after all. I mean, football season is fast approaching. I might be a little girl doggie, but I do like to play football!
What sort of mischief were you up to this weekend? Check out some of my friends on this Mischief Monday blog hop, where pet bloggers share their weekend escapades.


  1. omdawg! you are adorable in your new jersey - even though it weighs you down! BOL

    I bet you were the best nurse in the world to everypawdy.

    So glad I stopped by!

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  2. It sounds like Mom and Peanut were lucky to have you around. Hope everyone is feeling better and all have their super powers back!

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  3. Well your doggy smile certainly hasn't suffered any! Hooray!

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  4. Pixel you are such an entertaining writer. Momma Jean said she had a dog before me who did many TV shows in his day and he too could not move with clothes on. It doesn't effect me that way. It makes me feel like a Diva Dog.

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  5. Hi Pixel, nice post - hope everyone is feeling much better and things get back to normal for you - nothing worse than ill family members! Emma :)

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  6. Nice NFL Jersey looks like your all ready for football.

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  7. Nurse Pixel, you poor thing. You deserve a treat. You should wander over to my blog and enter yesterday's contest. ;)

    I like your nurse costume. Quite untraditional.

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