Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pixel Blue Eyes Tail Surgery Adventures - My Stitches are OUT

Well my friends, today is Mischief Monday, in which pet bloggers share their mischief and mayhem from the previous weekend. I am still recovering from surgery, so my weekend was a bit more subdued, but I had a very important event to go to and a bit of fun before it.
This past Saturday marked 10 days since I had my very important tail surgery to correct my lifelong tail pain. My  tail was docked when I was a very young puppy. It is a terrible practice that causes a lot of unnecessary suffering for many dogs. My surgery was an opportunity to free me and my tail from the chronic pain. I was excited to go out with Mommy, even if we did have to go to the vet, so Mommy and I made a fun time of it.
First, Mommy and I drove all the way to the town that the vet hospital is in. I love riding in the car with Mommy. As you can see from the video, a car ride always relaxes me.
After we got into town, I treated Mommy to a drink at McDonalds before we actually went to the vet (it was part of a ploy to misdirect her from taking me there, but it didn't quite work). She let me drive us around the drive thru. I've been watching her drive for years, so it was quite easy. It was very crowded,so I just watched all the cars carefully as we slowly moved forward.
The McDonald's drive through was very busy, and there was another dog that was not paying attention to HIS driving and almost bumped into the curb, so I had my paw on the horn just in case he got out of hand and I needed to warn him to keep a safe driving distance. Mommy has taught me this important driving tip since I was a pup...always keep a safe distance from other dog drivers and keep your paw on the horn just in case.
 As we got close to pick up window to get our drink, Mommy took this cool photo of us in the side view mirror. We always have so much fun together. I love our outings, no matter where we go! I must admit though, places with doggie treats are extra special. ♥
After we got our drink, we HAD to go get my stitches out. You can actually see the vet hospital from this McDonald's, so there was no getting out of it. Besides, I DID want the stitches out, I just would have preferred chewing them off myself. 

When we got to the vet, we had to wait a little bit, plus I had to wear my neck pillow again, to keep me from going after my tail if it bothered me. Before we knew it though, Dr. Mask came in...smiling and ready to take my stitches out. I always get nervous at the vet, as any pet will tell you the same, but she is cool and always lets me bark at her first, to express my feelings. So, I barked, she talked, then we got those stitches out...pretty quickly I might add. Then Dr. Mask and Mommy talked about my further recovery. I have to keep my neck pillow on for two more weeks (except when I'm driving of course), and if I show no signs of pain, I will be weened off of my nerve pain medicine. Isn't that GREAT??
Before we left, I asked Dr. Mask if she would mind if we took a photo together, so I could share her nice smiling face with all my friends, because she has helped me so much. Well, she said, "Yes!" So here we are. I am giving her a little hug with my paw, because even though I shake every time I go there, I know she really cares about me and she is helping me be pain free. Doesn't she look kind? She really loves the animals and really cares and listens to us! I hope all pets have the kind of vet I do.

By the way, I'd love to have you visit my No Tail Left Behind campaign page, where I share information and educate about tail docking dangers and ways to cope if your dog has issues. It has tons of good information and my own story, experiences and successes. Lots of helpful and fun photos as well.

Well, I suppose the only mischief I got into was driving Mommy through the drive thru, but it's something. I'd love to hear what you did this weekend.


  1. Awww Pixel. You poor little thing. Well, now that's all over, I bet you and mommy will be enjoying lots of pain-free tail days together.

    Huggies and Cheese,


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  2. Awww, Dr Mask looks such a kind, loving person. Hope you are really feeling a lot lot better now post-surgery :)

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  3. Thanks for stopping by and for the good wishes for Cosmo. I'm so glad you're recovering nicely. Love the pic with your vet, you both look so happy!

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  4. You look so much better Pixel!! Yeah!! And that photo of you and your Mom is very awesome! I'm going to take a look at your campaign, definitely sounds like humans need to learn about docking! :-D

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  5. WOW Pixel, you and I are so much alike! I LOVE car rides too. I know if we lived close that we would be friends. I hope this surgery works for you. My Mom says that when you get stiches out it makes the area feel better and it doesn't itch or hurt as much. Your vet DOES look like a very kind lady. I didn't do much this weekend. We had many boarding dogs. There were 20 extra dogs here Sat. night!!. Momma Jean decided to stay in the barn with them and was kind enough to give me a break and let me stay in the house with my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Harry. She is so thoughtful. I needed a break. I AM almost 9 yrs old. Sept 8th I am doing a book signing at the Allentown Barkfest. A benefit for a dog park.

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  6. You is a excellent driver, Pixel. Get better soon, okays?


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