Friday, April 19, 2013

The Joy of Running - Pixel's Smile in Action

I have just made friends with the wonderful people at the "Slim Doggy" blog and am happy to join in my first ever "Fit Friday" with them. Mommy has always taken great care of me, making sure that my healthy diet and regular exercise routine help keep me fit. As long as I don't steal cat food from time to time (which I must admit...I do!), I am always in tip top shape!
One of my favorite things in the world to do is RUN! We have an acre of land which is just enough room for a little Pixel like me to zoom as fast as I can all around it and never leave the yard.
One of the things Mommy loves most about my running is that I always have such a look of pure joy on my face every time I run. She loves trying to capture the expressions of bliss on my face on camera. The other thing she adores when I run is that my ears go flying high above my head, and that I sometimes hop like a gazelle when I run. I just love the feel of the wind in my hair and I love to see just how fast I can go. A favorite quote of Mommy's that she says applies to me is from "Chariots of Fire", where the main character tells someone about why he runs. He is referring to God when he says, "When I run, I can feel His pleasure." I certainly wear my pleasure all over my face when I run.
I have even mastered running at top speed in 9 inches of snow! Now THAT is a lover of running. I run in the day, in the night, when it's wet, when it's doesn't matter. Of course, Mommy always monitors my weight and makes sure I have good nutrition as well as exercise. She measures out my food into 3 meals a day, plus occasional treats. And those treats are tiny bits of chicken or a piece of gluten free bone. She will take several bones and use a hammer to break them into tiny pieces. She says that for us dogs, it doesn't matter how small the treat is, the fact that we are getting  one makes us feel special.
Sometimes I look like I am actually flying when I run. But don't worry, I never run "away" from Mommy. She's trained me super well to always stay in our yard. I wouldn't even dream of leaving! In fact, I created a game that reassures my "come back to Mommy" guarantee...I will run like crazy, but I am always looking for Mommy too. And when I see her put her arms out, or hear her say "Pixel, Come!" or even when I just see her wonderful face, I will dash as FAST as I can right up to her and them "tag" her with my front paws. She LOVES it. So I make sure to do it every time we run and play outside.
Our focus is to make exercise fun for her and me. Even just a little walk around the yard or street is great exercise too. Getting moving is the key.
Do you have any exercise that you enjoy doing? What is your favorite and why? I'd love to hear about it!
I hope you've enjoyed my first "Fit Friday" blog hop post. Please go and visit our "Fit Friday" blog hop hosts as well as the other bloggers who are participating. Our hosts are the first 3 blog links below.


  1. It is so nice to meet you, Pixel, and welcome to FitDog Friday! The Cascadian Nomad canines also love, love, LOVE to run and always look ecstatically joyful with the wind in their fur! Wilhelms ears blowing back as he "flies" is one of my favorite sights. Thanks for the great photos!

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  2. Pixel, Welcome to our Blog Hop - glad to have you here. With all your running and zooming, you must be one fit doggie! Good for you.

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  3. Pixel, you're so much fun when you run. You remind me of Rocco with fur and ears flying! We're impressed with your "come back to Mommy" guarantee. Loved your post and thanks for participating in the Blog Hop!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco Havanese

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  4. Woof! Woof! Yes running gives me too joy. I posted it last week. I can see from your face and ears. Happy Joyful Running. Happy FitDog Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

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  5. Wags Pixel! Glad to see you Do. Run. Run for FitDog Friday!

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  6. Oh Pixel, you really do reflect the wonder of God and His creation when you run! I love the look on your face and your flying ears!

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  7. Thank you for joining FitDog Friday! I love how Pixel's ears fly when he runs! Dogs always look so happy when running. I look forward to seeing you again next Friday!

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  8. Great pics! I wish I loved to run/work out as much as the pups do!

    My pooch loves to run too - but she does it at the beach/dog park. We don't have a lovely big yard like you do!

    Happy FitDog Friday!

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  9. Pixel looks so happy when running!

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  10. WOW Pixel you sure do run fast. Being 9 years old the only thing a run for is the gate when Momma Jean is heading for the car. Momma Jean says she wishes I would come that fast when she calls me in the house. Your mom is a great photographer. I am doing well on my weight study. I was 30 pounds last week at the vets. That's the lowest I have been in 3 years! Momme Jean is excited to see me get to 29. I have a few weeks left on the study. How old are you Pixel?

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  11. You look a lot like me when you calls it racing with me. These days since my sister is older I race a lot on my own on the grass or snow, no matter! We have a nice yard too which is great! Mom can't leave cat food out because my cat bro Bert snarfs it all up in one sitting, so there is nothing for me to steal! We try to eat healthy and keep fit...just like you and your mom!

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  12. You sound so much like Kirby, he is the same way! :) always looking for mommy is he thinks he might be a bit too far. Pixel you look like you are doing a amazing job atkeeping fit! Lots of love your buddies Kirby and Leah

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