Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Joy of Loved Ones - Dixie Watches Over Pixel

Pixel's Mommy here on this (mostly) Wordless Wednesday. Normally I let Pixel do all her own posting, but she is having another terrible round of nerve pain & inflammation due to her docked tail. She's been in utter misery for days,  forced to wear her blow up collar so she can't touch her tail, taking steroids, nerve pain medicine and other meds to keep her calm. Needless to say, there is no sweet Pixel smile as of late. We are praying that she will be back to her smiling, joyful Pixel self very soon.
Her sister Dixie, whom you've seen many times in Pixel's sweet & comedic posts, and who survived being a puppy mill momma for 3 years, has traded roles with Pixel for now. Dixie has assumed the role of comforter and watcher, she has been seeking Pixel out to snuggle and stay close to Pixel while we try all we can to make Pixel comfortable and figure out our next course of action to help her through this painful tail nub time. Pixel's blog is normally mostly about her fun adventures, rescue work we do, and the joys she finds in life. Well, this is another part of Pixel's life that we mostly document and share through our No Tail Left Behind campaign on Facebook, Twitter as well as on our new website/blog. I took these photos today...


  1. Mom and I wish there was something we could do for your pain. We really hoped it would be better after your last procedure but it seems to almost be worse at times. Take care!

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  2. Oh Sweet Pixel we hate to hear of you still having tail issues.Have you ever tried accupunture for pain? It is so great to have dog sisters to help us. My dog sister Angel had her first Chemo yesterday and she is still her happy self. They say to observe her for 4 days. So far so good.

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  3. It is so sweet how Dixie and Pixel take care of each other. I hope you are able to find new ways to help Pixel soon. It has to be so difficult to see her suffering that way. We are thinking of Pixel all the time and hope she feels better soon!

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  4. Oh Pixel! I am so sad to hear of your troubles and we send comforting licks and wags your way, we hope your sister sticks by and keeps you company!
    Dina and Mom

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