Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Joy & Breathtaking Beauty of the Beach - Pixel's Getaway in the Sand & Sun

Our family loves going to the beach once a year for a fun in the sun getaway. I love the feel of the ocean breeze, the coastal sunshine, the sand under my paws, and the smells that only the beautiful sea can bring. These are some of my special memories...
Each morning started with an amazing sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. This is exactly what it looked alterations at all. It was incredible!

We'd go walking and exploring on the sand and find all kinds of shells, living creatures and interesting things on the beach. The living things, like starfish, living sand dollars and sea anemones we'd throw back into the water. Jellyfish we avoided like, well, jellyfish.
We went out exploring each day. It was such fun! I loved sniffing the shells, and occasionally would find one and pick it up if I liked it enough. Mommy made sure I didn't walk too much of course, Dr. Mask's orders, but I got to go out for little excursions with her.

Mommy and I found such pretty things. Beautiful shells, a lovely piece of driftwood, coral, a couple of conch shells, some cochina, and in an amazing moment when Mommy went to wash a simple shell in the ocean as the tide was going out, the sand suddenly separated away from a perfectly whole sand dollar that had long since dried out. There were even beautiful rocks at the beach!
One of the shells that actually made Mommy laugh was a shell that had her initials carved in them. We walked up on a pile of shells that had washed up during high tide, and there was her shell. "J/L" was carved in it from some little sea creature that was trying to get in or out of that shell.
She took a photo of exactly what she saw, then she just had to take it home with her!
The photo below is a small display of some of our favorite items we collected together.

There's a million other things to share about my time at the beach, so much beauty, so much precious time with family, to much to fit in one story. But I will end this time of sharing the joy and beauty of the beach with this amazing sunset that ended our first full day there.

We were awestruck by the vivid colors that crept over the western horizon at dusk and just kept coming. It was truly incredible and a memory we will never forget. The breathtaking beauty we experienced was so invigorating. We breathed it in, we felt it on our skin, we lived it as long as we could, and we took a little bit of it home with us.


  1. Beautiful Pixel!! I'm trying to guess where you were - Based on the sand I'm guessing North Carolina? Those sunrises are incredible. I have to start get up earlier when we are at the beach. ;)
    I'm surprised you get so few comments here. Here's a tip: Post the URL to this EXACT POST as a status update on Facebook. When you do, FB will format it as a direct link with a thumbnail to make it a no-brainer for your fans to come straight to your blog. You can see what this looks like on my page here: #/pages/Terra-Toby/707685315938697

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    1. Hi Amy! Thank you for the wonderful comments! I just realized I didn't post the direct link...funny, I usually do with a photo too. But I STILL never get more than a few comments on any of my posts. For some reason, only one or two of our BlogPaws friends visit my blog and comment too...makes me sad that so few ever visit, but I am so glad when you come visit me. Thank you. I really appreciate seeing you my friend. Hugs to you and Toby!

  2. We love the beach too and those are some beautiful pictures! So glad you got some walks and hope your doc can figure out what's going on with you and sissy Peanut. We visit all the time, just not very good commenters. Think of you lots though. Becky, Shadow, Roxy and Kingsley

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