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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pixel's "Dirty Little Secret" - Absorbine #WoofPouf

This post is sponsored by Absorbine and the BlogPaws ProfessionalPet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word aboutWoof Pouf but Pixel Blue Eyes: Her Tails of Adventure only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Absorbine is not responsible for the content of this article.
Shhhh! Don't tell. I've got a "dirty little secret". I know, I look innocent enough. And I am...mostly. I'm a good girl, but I do get into my fair share of mischief. I try to keep my paws clean of any dirty deeds, but sometimes they find me anyways.
Some deeds are 'dirtier' than others, and when you're a little innocent dog like me, with fleece (or fur) as white as snow on much of her body, well, dirty deeds seem to just "jump out" at me all the time. Grass stained legs and paws after a fresh mow. Muddy paws after a summer rain. Those 'not so fresh' decaying Fall leaves I just played in getting stuck all through my hair.

And my daily banana, blueberry pumpkin puree? Well that stuff is so deliciously naughty tasting it just jumps all OVER me! I'm not afraid to say it's pretty much a daily accessory on my fur.
Introducing Absorbine WoofPouf
Thank goodness I've got a secret weapon to combat my "dirty little secret". I can use the Absorbine® WoofPoufTM ShowSheen Deodorizing Bath Pouf and get any dirt and odor out of my delicate, sleek fur before you can say, "What's your secret Pixel?" The Absorbine ShowSheen Woof Pouf works on tough dog odors - everything from wet and dirty dog smells through skunk odor elimination. Wow! With Ordenone, the ShowSheen Woof Pouf encapsulates dirt and odors, breaking down and eliminating bad smells - unlike most shampoos which simply try to cover up odors or perfume your dog. It has a pleasant, fresh clean scent and lasts up to 15 washes, with the soap beads right inside the pouf.
No need for messing with bottles and other things. This is a self-contained unit perfect for travel, camping, or anyone who needs a one-handed bathing solution. And that is exactly what Mommy needed the other day with me after I got way too dirty for her liking. I enjoyed my "dirty dog" time, but she wasn't too fond of my feet no longer being white but a dingy gray, and my chest fur being an odd shade of orange from my propensity to "wear my lunch". Let me show you how she got me clean with the Absorbine ShowSheen Deodorizing Bath Pouf...
Pixel's Absorbine WoofPouf Adventure
On Saturday, Mommy said I'd played "Pig Pen's Sister" long enough, and it was time I went back to being a proper Pixel lady. I thought gray was a good nice color, but apparently, Mommy said, not for my paws. I told her I'd seen on TV that 'orange is the new black' but she said it didn't apply to me, so the pumpkin stains on my face and chest had to go too. Plus my long ear hairs had gotten kind of greasy and grimy from all around playing and hanging a bit in my food bowl. Mommy informed me we were going to use the new Absorbine ShowSheen Woof Pouf with the self-contained, deodorizing, odor eliminating shampoo soap beads inside it. "Cool!" I thought, "This will be a snap!" I smiled politely for the "before" photo (cuz you know how Moms are).
I stood on the towel in the sink and that's when it started...the water sprayer. "I didn't know I'd have to get wet for this Mommy! I thought the Absorbine ShowSheen Woof Pouf was 'self-contained' and had all I needed for a bath right inside it." "Well, it does have the soap and deodorizing qualities sweetie. But you still need water." Boy did I misunderstand!
With my fate and an Absorbine WoofPouf in Mommy's hands, I resigned myself to getting a full bath. Once I was a soaking wet dog, Mommy got the WoofPouf wet too, and let me tell you, those soap beads got really sudsy super quickly! Mommy got it going all sudsy with one hand, just like they said it would, then she lathered me up and washed away the dirt and grime. The WoofPouf felt good getting massaged against my body, I must say. The soap beads inside the WoofPouf are sulfate and paraben free, and built in conditioners leave your coat soft and shiny.
It rinses clean too! As I looked up at Mommy with sad eyes, standing in a pool of bath water, kitchen towel I'd been standing on for slip prevention now a mass of floating mess, I gave Mommy the best shivering dog look I could muster. She promised me I was "clean as a whistle" thanks to the Absorbine ShowSheen Woof Pouf and promised me that many treats were headed my way.
As Mommy blew dry my now clean, luxuriously soft hair, I was so glad we had the Absorbine WoofPouf! It made me feel really good.
Image of Pixel Blue Eyes beautiful, clean and dry after a bath with Absorbine Pet WoofPouf for Dogs
Pixel wants to know what's your 'Dirty Little Secret'?
Doesn't my hair and fur look luxuriously soft and clean now? I might have had a "dirty little secret" of getting dirty all the time. But now I've got a "dirty little secret" for getting clean afterwards, thanks to the Absorbine ShowSheen Woof Pouf.
So, what's your "dirty little secret"? Do you like the idea of the WoofPouf? Leave me a comment and share your thoughts!
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