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Monday, June 1, 2015

The Joy of the Old West - Cowgirl Pixel Imitates Her Favorite Characters

I've always loved the "Old West" and the strong, bold characters I've read about and seen in the movies. I got super excited about the big BlogPaws 2015 Pet Blogging Conference that took place in the great city of Nashville TN last week. I consider Nashville a hub of activity for cowboys and cowgirls like me, so it made me yearn to be there.

I wanted to go so badly, but it was not meant to be. I became a sad little cowgirl and moped around for a bit. Then Mommy said, "Pixel, you don't have to be a sad little cowgirl. You can go anywhere and do anything if you just use your imagination. I know we didn't go this year, but we can plan for 2016. Besides my sweet little cowgirl, next year, BlogPaws is going to be in Arizona, at a place called the "Wild Horse Pass" Resort. I'm planning on us going, so let's start planning now!" Arizona?? That IS the Old West! That thought really got my little imagination churning and I began feeling better right away. I grabbed my saddle bags out of storage and got to thinkin'.

I love the idea of being a cowgirl from the bygone days and all the romance, adventure and fun that cowgirls and cowboys had. I really got into the idea of being a cowgirl and found myself wearing my hat everyday. I built an imaginary campfire in my bedroom, made Mommy cook up some pork and  beans for dinner each night and wore my 'kerchief and saddle bags around the house like I was perpetually headed for the OK corral.

I could feel the hands of time running backwards as I sang old lonesome cowboy songs at the top of my lungs as I roasted marshmallows. I imagined myself sharing the campfire with Old West greats like Annie Pixel Oakley, Calamity Pixel Jane, Dale Pixel Evans and even the Shakiest Pixel Gun in the West.
My imagination went 'Old West' wild and all of a sudden I was those beloved historic a manner of speaking. Here's what I imagined:
Dale Pixel Evans

Calamity Pixel Jane (portrayed by Doris Day)

Annie Pixel Oakley
The Shakiest Gun in the West (portrayed by Don Knotts)

Now my heart belongs to the Old West. Well partners, I'd best skeedadle. Better go wrestle up some grub, load up my saddle bags, jump on my saw horse and ride off into the plains to find me some adventure. Besides....I hear there might be someone lookin' for me out in the old territories. Anyone care to join me?

It's so fun to use your imagination, isn't it? So which impersonation of mine was your favorite? Let me know in a comment friends! Today's fun is part of the Mischief Blog Hop. Check out the links below of my pet blogger friends to see what mischief is being had!