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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Joy of a Spa Day - Pixel the Fashionista Gets Her Hair Done

Mommy sure knows how to spoil her girl! After getting overheated outside on Sunday, Mommy said I could use a little extra pampering, so she treated me to a special Pixel Spa Day. "Really Mommy? That would be wonderful!" I exclaimed with excitement and my special "I love you" smile.
I'm not too keen on baths, but I wanted to try this luxurious new shampoo and conditioner Mommy got for me that smells divine. It's made by my friends at Dog Fashion Spa, who believe in quality life for dogs.
Since I have long pony tail ears, and my fur is actually hair, I was all excited to try it. One of the many cool things about this dog hair product line is that it is free from things like sulfates, harsh chemicals and odd smells. They spent years creating just the right formula.
"Are you going to try it in your hair too Mommy?" I asked. I know she was tempted, but she said she wanted to focus all on me. We started with a nice warm soak for me in the tub. As soon as she poured that shampoo out, I could smell the gentle, soothing aroma. First the shampoo, then the conditioner. She gave me the most wonderful body massage as she worked. I felt pampered indeed!
Once I was done getting my hair washed and conditioned, Mommy wrapped me in towels and whisked me to the bedroom for drying. I gave her the "sad Pixel face" because I knew she was going to need to use the blow dryer to warm me up while drying me off. Again, not too crazy about the blow dryer either, but the warm air is SO soothing, plus I get little treats all through the process. The sad face did it's job for me, because out popped that wonderful bag of treats.
"Today is spa day Pixel, so you get extra treats while we get you all warm!" Mommy saying that was music to my ears! I couldn't help but grin with a little sass at what she said. Sad puppy dog eyes works every time!
Incidentally, Mommy tends to not wash my face during bath time as she's afraid she'll get soap in my eyes when she tries to rinse my head with a shower sprayer, so she washes my face separately (and frequently) with a washcloth and wonderful smelling shampoo. After Mommy got me all dry and warm with the blow dryer, she then brushed my hair, head to tail, ears to paws, with a soft boar's hair bristle brush. It made my hair feel even silkier than it already was. I felt like a new dog after all that special spa treatment!
Okay, are you ready to see this pampered pooch become the Dog Fashion Spa Fashionista I was meant to be? Drum roll please......

We ended my special spa treatment day with a mini fashion show and photo shoot. I felt just like a true "Fashionista", a young lady who makes her own fashion statement. And my hair is so silky soft, fluffy and pretty now. You have got to try my shampoo and conditioner set. As a matter of fact, this week, Dog Fashion Spa is offering FREE SHIPPING on their Shampoo and Conditioner set .
Don't miss out. Oh, and be sure to give them a "LIKE" on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter. They take dog pampering spa care very seriously!