Friday, April 6, 2012

The Joy of Comfort - Pixel Makes Her Bed

I have always believed that a good comfortable bed makes all the difference in how you sleep. Over the years, I have mastered how to make the world's most comfortable dog bed. Today, I would like to share that with you. First, you have to start with a big bed...preferably my Mommy's bed (in this case) but it can be any location that looks good to you. No matter how soft, fluffy, or comfortable the bed already is, you must make it even better. Everyone has a slightly different technique. It does not matter whether it is nighttime or just nap time, it is important to make your bed as comfy as possible to get the full joy from it. My Mommy was able to capture my special 'bed making process' last night. 
I hope you enjoyed my special bed making video. I'd love to have you come visit me on my Pixel Blue Eyes Facebook page.
I also have a new campaign to help dogs with docked tails called No Tail Left Behind. Please help me help other dogs who have dealt with the pain and struggles I have with a docked tail.


  1. You make an awesome bed Pixel!

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  2. Hey Pixel - you need to put more SHOULDER into it - that was very tame if you ask me....... mum says I look like I'm digging to China? Why I would go there I wouldn't know?!!

    We don't do facebook - otherwise we would help you with that Tail campaign - you know we are so ANTI that practice as well. That and the "ear shaping" too!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

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  3. Ohhhhhh, that is some special technique! Looks very comfy cozy!


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  4. Hi Pixel - my name is Stewey and I just came across your blog!
    You sure are a cutie! You make your bed the same way that I make my beanbag chair :)

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  5. Girl after my own heart. xxx

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  6. I have a few super comfy beds I can just get into but I also have 2 that I have to "ruffle" up to make them more comfy...I love to be all comfy...

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