Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Joy of Helping Out - Pixel Tells Grammy it's time to eat

I might be a mini Schnauzer, but I am also a really good pointer too! Whenever it is time to eat, one of my family members gets all our bowls and lines them up on the counter to distribute food, doggie meds, etc and we must all wait until everyone's bowl is ready, then we all eat our respective corners that is. Well, sometimes I like to help things along by standing and pointing to the food bowls once I think they are ready enough to chow down on.
Here is a video of me illustrating that it is time to eat. I am very nice and quiet about it, but actions speak louder than barks! **Mommy wanted me to tell you that she has no idea why the video looks so awful in it. The quality was terrible when we watched it in YouTube, when we have a high definition video camera. Not sure what the deal was, but it's still cute.
Let me know what you think and tell YOU have a doggie that does something like this?
~ Love and Hugs, Pixel


  1. Poor little Pixel. Did you ever get to eat? Grammy is torturing you!

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  2. Hi Pixel,
    I just wait patiently for mom to get the food ready but my sister Katie sits on the floor by the food bowls to protect our food since my cat bro Bert will jump up and steal our food.

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  3. You are so well behaved Pixel. There are 6 of us and we make alot of noise while mommy fixes the bowls. We all eat together in our own bowls. I sometimes try to sneak some from Chips bowl because he is smaller then the rest of us and Momma Jean feeds him the same amount the rest of us get.Momma Jean keeps me from sneaking any though. I don't want him to eat too much and get overweight. ...... At least that's the story I'm sticking with.

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  4. Hi Pixel, I hope you get to read my comment! I tried three different times to leave you a message on your blog. Maybe this will be my lucky charm time! You should get your own greeting card line because you have the best pictures. I wish your mom could give my mom pointers on how to make my blog interesting like yours. Hugs! Zoe the Therapy DOg

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  5. hi Pixel! I am following you now! Zoe

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