Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Joy of Smiles and Laughter - Pixel Shares Lots of Happy Photos

 With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we must not forget the joy of being silly, the joy of smiling, of laughing and the joy of the season. So on this (mostly) Wordless Wednesday, I wanted to share some of my most fun times in the last couple of months with Mommy. She is, after all, always the one behind the camera as we play! Now, all I ask is that you tell me in a comment which one is your favorite photo...and you can pick more than one!

The shy, cover my face Pixel smile & giggle.

The super funny, laugh out loud Pixel smile.
The Bright Eyed 'glad to meet you' Pixel smile.

The Excited 'I'm doing my tricks so well' Pixel Smile.

The 'I am just having TOO much fun doing my tricks with Mommy' Pixel smile.

The 'subtle yet hopeful' Pixel smile
The 'Pixel as a motivational speaker' smile.
The 'I make a beautiful butterfly, don't I Mommy' Pixel smile.

The 'Princess Pixel of the Blue Fairies' smile.*

The 'Christmas Angel' Pixel smile.*
Now, which ones are your favorite? 
And do you think I should start my own line of 
Pixel Blue Eyes greeting cards?
*Princess and Angel image sparkles and illustrations provided by our dear friend Jessica Smith from 
Everybody Loves Sammy.

Thank you so much for sharing in some of my, click below to see what some of my friends are sharing on this mostly Wordless Wednesday.


  1. i love her glad to meet you face and her motivational speaker face best but i do love them all!!! she has such a happy little face i just love them all xxx

    you could definately make greeting cards i bet loads of people would like to buy cards with her precious little grinning face on xxx

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  2. I LOVE ALLLLLL your pictures but since I have to choose ..... I like the first one. (Peeking at the camera while hiding is Sooooo cute! ANd I like the fairy picture. The one smiling picture with your mom's finger in it looks like you bit her cause her finger tip is red.

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  3. Hi Pixel - nice photos and nice to see you so happy :)

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  4. *Squeals* Pixel you are SO adorable.

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  5. You should very definitely start your own greeting cards, or at least have your mom enter you into the Hallmark Greeting Card contests when they have them! I am jealous of all of your smiles. Hugs, Zoe the Therapy Dog

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  6. I don't know why my comment wasn't said the server wasn't found....drats! Anyway - I think you should have your own line of greeting cards! Zoe

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  7. This is my 3rd try! You should have a greeting card line and whoever takes your pictures is a great photographer with cool photshop talents!


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  8. Hi Pixel! I'm back on a different computer and hopefully I can leave my comments! I love your blog. Compared to mine yours is so special with all kinds of fun things for people to go to. I really like your pictures with your halo and angel wings; I wish I had a halo. My mom said to=you shoud have a greeting card line. Whoever does your photography is very talented ( of course you are a wonderful subject to photograph! Have a great day!

    Your pal, Zoe

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  9. I like the Pixel as a Motivational Speaker pic - so cute!

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