Friday, February 22, 2013

A Tribute to my Uncle Happydog - Happy Birthday & I Miss You

I lost one of my best friends on  Tuesday, Feb beloved uncle Happydog, my Grammy's little boy. Happydog was 3 days away from turning 15 yrs old. In fact, TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY! I've known him since the very first day I came home with Mommy. He and I were instant friends. For Thankful Thursday and what I will now call Forever Love Friday, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos of him over the years, plus a very special video of him you will just love. I love you uncle Happydog! I will miss you forever, but I know that one day we will be together again.
Happily playing with his Buddy Stuffed Dog that Grammy gave to him years ago.
 Happydog loved that special bear of his. Grammy, his Mommy, gave it to him. He would play with it, chew it, toss it, wrestle with it, love on it, sleep with it. Look at that face full of joy as he barks about it!
Happydog loved sitting out in the yard and just observing. 
Happydog loved to just sit in the yard, or on the deck, and watch the world go by. This is when he was about 3-4 years old. He was SO handsome!

Whenever Happydog had troubles or illness, my cousin
Peanut Pumpkin Pie and I would watch over him. 
Happydog had his fair share of health problems at times. Us girls would always watch over him during those times. See how we have him 'surrounded' with love? We did that a lot.

Happydog LOVED helping his Mommy while she wrote on her (old ) computer
Happydog was my Grammy Jaye Lewis' writing partner. This was way back in 2000, when Grammy had a dinosaur computer. See that sweet look on Happydog's face? He was loving being on his Mommy!

Happydog as a young pup, bringing someone
some much needed toilet paper!
Happydog at age 14 yrs old in the garden.

Happydog and I loved being silly together! This is us entertaining my Mommy (his sister) when she had an injury back in 2009. We made her laugh all the time!

As Happydog got older, he still loved going out in the garden. Here he is at 14 yrs old, still looking for those nummy worms in the ground. 

One of the things I most loved to do with Happydog was snuggle with him. Any excuse was a good excuse to cuddle under a blanket with sweet Happydog. I've known him my whole life, and so we were always together. Oh, how I miss him!

This is one of mine and Mommy's favorite funny photos of Happydog. She took it before I was even born. He loved to sing and bark and howl. Since today is his Birthday, I imagine he is singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEE!!"

Forever loving, ever faithful. That was Happydog. Can you see how much I loved him?

This is a typical bed in our house. Mommy was working from home on this day last year, and let's just say she didn't have much room to try and work if she'd wanted to use the bed. This just cracks me up!! My cousin Peanut Pumpkin Pie is in the lower left, Happydog upper left, me in lower right and our cat/dog Noel laying like a 'big dog' in the upper right. I'm going to miss those dog piles with Happydog. 

I treasure every memory I have had with him. I miss him terribly. I cling to the love we had, I cherish that I still have my beloved Peanut, Mommy, my Auntie Helen, my Grammy and Grampy, my new Auntie Dixie, that my family adopted two weeks ago, and our kitties. We all miss Happydog so much. I know he is in heaven now with my uncle Jessie Dawg and my sister Morgan, playing, running, barking, and making God and the angels laugh! He is at the Rainbow Bridge, waiting for us, smiling, wagging his tail and saying, "Don't worry, I am free of pain and illness. I am made whole again. I am a new dog!"
I love you Happydog!! Until we meet again....

I want to leave you with this beautiful video that my Grampy made this week of Happydog. He captured the footage just a few short months ago...little did we know just how incredibly poignant it would be today.

My friends, I took part in this wonderful Thankful Thursday blog hop to share Happydog's life with my friends. Won't you see what other pet bloggers are thankful for by clicking a link below? If you want to share your own thankfulness, the instructions to take part are below.


  1. Hopping over from Thankful Thursday - my condolences on your loss of Happydog but what a great trip he and you'all had while he was with you! And, of course, he is smiling at you every night when you see a twinkling star; just ask PepiSmartDog.

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  2. Happydog is just beautiful and he's having so much fun at the Rainbow Bridge... but I'm so sorry for all he left behind. Sending hugs.

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    1. Thank you so much Sue, that really means a lot. Today marks one week since he left. We miss him very much. Sending much love and Puppy hugs!
      ~ Pixel

  3. So sorry for your loss Pixel, he looks like such a fun and happy dog, just like his name. Almost 15 is a great age but it will never be long enough. I am sure that the hole in your heart will be there forever but keep the great memories in there to help you heal. Love you! Emma

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    1. Oh, Emma, you are such a good friend! He really was a fun and happy little boy. No matter how long we get to be with our loved ones, it never seems long enough. I love you too!
      ~ Pixel

  4. We are so sorry for your loss. We have had many of our dog friends continue their journey. I can see how much you loved Happydog. I always knew you were a loving dog. Try to get your grammy to get another friend to give her love to. I bet your mom has seen some at the shelter. You can help piock out her friend too. In the mean time you may be doing double duty between grammy and your mom.

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    1. Thank you dear Mitzi Jo. It is so sad to lose such a beloved family member. I have been trying my best to be there for Grammy and Mommy. I spent today cuddled up to grammy while Mommy was at work.
      Grammy actually adopted a sweet little girl dachshund 9 days before Happydog passed, as a friend for him, and to lessen the pain a bit if Happy went. We didn't know it would be so soon, but she has been a great healing factor.
      Love you!! ~ Pixel

  5. Aw Pixel. Thank you for sharing your Uncle Happydog with us. You were blessed to have such a good friend for so long.

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    1. Flea, you are such a sweetheart of a friend! Thank you. Happydog was there for me my whole entire life. We miss him so much. It has been a week today. I am doing pretty good though, and as a family, and with our dear friends, we are helping each other heal.
      Sending you lots of love, ~ Pixel

  6. PepiSmartDog: Please accept my apology for my late response. I'm so sorry about Uncle Happydog. What a great little guy and I love his pics. Did you know I met him at the Rainbow Bridge and drove him to his Welcome Banquet, in my Pram/Stroller? You will be a forever family again...not just yet.
    I've had to help mum work on a project with an important deadline and I'm running behind on my Rainbow Bridge articles, but please know I will be writing about your dear Uncle Happydog and his wonderful Banquet, on his arrival OTRB.
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop and I hope you'll join in again! It runs all week.
    *waves paw* :=o)

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