Friday, September 6, 2013

The Joy of Having a Play Date with Mommy - Making Exercise Fun!

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I LOVE Kong Wubba toys. Heck, I've talked about them so much, you can just "Google" the term Kong Wubba and part of my name and a page full of results will be returned. Well, here on this lovely and Fit Doggy Friday, I wanted to share my latest play date with my favorite person ever, MOMMY, and my favorite toy ever, WUBBA!! I've heard that you should try to make exercise fun, so I take that concept VERY seriously. I know, I know, it almost seems like on oxymoron to say "make exercise fun" but if you follow the Pixel Way for exercise, you and your dog will be as fit as a fiddle (whatever that means) and will have had a great time in the process!
Here's some photos of how we make exercise fun:

Are you going to throw it Mommy?
Wow, Mommy threw it so far...look at me, I'm running so fast I'm a blur!! Sometimes Mommy chases me and it is so much fun!
Here Mommy, I brought it back to you.

 I'm ready for you to throw it again Mommy.
I love playing tug of war with Mommy.
Please throw it again Mommy, I'm on a roll! And look, I'm sitting pretty for it too.
Hahaha, got you Mommy. Bet you weren't expecting me to get so "up close and personal" BOL!!
I love you Mommy!! Thank you for such a fun time outside.
This is just one of several ways that Mommy and I make sure that exercise is fun for me...and of course for her. Have a great day my friends and leave a comment telling me how YOU try to have fun with exercise.
Special thanks to Slim Doggy, Peggy's Pet Place, and To Dog With Love for hosting this Fit Doggy Friday blog hop! Come on, join know you want to! Direction are at the bottom of the links. Have fun!!


  1. Good job Pixel - you are right exercise MUST be fun, otherwise it's work and nobody likes work. I love the pic of you sitting pretty - you certainly are! Thanks for joining the Hop.

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    1. Thank you my friends! You are right, BOL, nobody likes've GOT to make it fun. And thank you for the sweet compliments.
      Hugs to you! Pixel

  2. Love your purple Wubba, some of my friends have red ones. Looks like nice weather and lots of fun!

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    1. The very first one I had was read Emma. I love the purple one too. I love them ALL! It was a great day for such fun.
      Love you & your Mom!! Pixel

  3. Hey Pixel I have a few dog friends that like that very same toy. Momma Jean bought a tennis ball launcher from the pet store. Some of the daycare dogs like it. I will be 10 in NOV and not into running after things anymore. Not unless its a bowl of food. BOL

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    1. OMG Mitzi Jo, your birthday is fast approaching. That's close to Mommy's B-day too. I bet that tennis launcher is fun for them. Hahaha, I'd run after the food too. Hey, that might be a good exercise thing that Momma Jean could do...hehehehe. Make you run after the treats? Love you MJ!!

  4. Sure looks like a fun time was had Pixel. I hunt vermin for fun and the best are squirrels. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

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  5. You are definitely having fun there, Pixel! Because I saw you having so much fun with Wubbas all the time, I had to get some for our girls. They do like them, but they still prefer their balls for playing fetch. :)

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  6. I love to play throw and case. I don't have a kong wubba, but I like my soft toys and we play in the house, cause we don't have a yard anymore... But it's super fun. Looks like you had a great time with your mommy!

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