Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nurse Pixel Saves the Day - Emergency Surgery on Randolph Monkey

When you are a nurse, you are always "on duty" in a way, because you never know when your helpful skills might be needed. This past Sunday was no exception. The day started out like any other. I was spending time with my family, laughing and playing, when a serious and life threatening accident happened. 

My dear friend Randolph Monkey suffered a severe 
spinal injury while playing an especially rigorous game of "Shake and Chase" and his tail came off! We've played many times before with no injuries, but this time proved to be different. 

At first I was mortified and feared the worst, but then my years of nursing took over and I jumped into action. I called upon the best person I knew who could sew him back up and save him. Time was of the essence and I needed Randolph Monkey to be okay. Luckily, Mommy was right there when it happened.

She grabbed her stitching kit as I lay Randolph on the sterile white sheet in preparation for his surgery. Once she prepared what was needed for his surgery, I inspected the needle and ensured all was in order before we began. This had to be done right the first time! Of course, I didn't doubt her precision hands, I was just very worried about Randolph, as I hoped he was strong enough to take this type of injury and subsequent surgery to patch him up. 
"As bad as it looks right now, I have a good feeling about this Pixel. He's made of some pretty tough stuff(ing)," Mommy said as she began her work. I silently prayed as I assisted through every stage. 
Seconds seemed like minutes, minutes seemed like hours, then suddenly she was done.
I could not believe my eyes! Not only had she mended his back from being torn open, but she reattached his tail perfectly as if it had never been ripped off! Surgeon Mommy told me that she used extra strong reinforced stitching techniques so that his back and tail would be stronger than it was to begin with. He's practically Robo-Monkey now! Randolph needed to rest of course from the entire ordeal, but I was able to snuggle up to him and let him know it was all better and he was going to be just fine. Nurse and patient were two very happy campers!
So, the day ended well, in spite of this serious emergency, and that's all any of us can hope for. Just remember, if a sudden emergency occurs in your life, keep a level head, ask for help and do what you can to be of assistance.
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  1. I'm so glad Randolph is on the mend. Good thing you and Mommy were right there with your expertise to save the day!

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  2. Oh my gosh. That was a close one for Randolf! Good thing you and your Mom were there to mend him. I guess he had a faulty Thanks so much for joining the Barks and Bytes hop!

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  3. Pixel you are an excellent nurse. First with mommy and now with Randolph. Every surgeon needs a nurse to assist and you did the job.

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  4. Oh Pixel! I'm so glad that Randolph wasn't injured so badly that he couldn't be fixed! I hope you have many more years to come with him!

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!

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  5. Tragedy was averted, thanks to Pixel's alertness and training!

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  6. What a relief to be a nurse in such a stressful life threatening emergency! I'm so glad your mama was there to sew him up, too!

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  7. Rhonda Backus Wash November 20, 2014 at 11:18 AM

    You and mommy make an excellent team - good job guys! Glad Randolph is as good as new (maybe even better)!

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  8. Gosh, that last picture is so cute! Look at those smiling buddies! *wags*

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  9. I'm glad to see that Randolph monkey is feeling better now!

    I actually have a big blue KONG stuffed monkey sitting on my desk right now that needs its head sewed back on.... hopefully I'll have time to get out the sewing supplies this weekend.

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  10. You are such a good pet owner Pixel. I'm sure you knew what he was going through with it being a tail problem. Randolph is lucky to have you.

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  11. I love your monkey, he is super cute!

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