Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Joy of Bad Hair Days - Pixel Has Bed Head

Bad hair days. We all have them. What separates the dogs from the puppies is how you deal with them. Are you going to freak out and get stressed over a few (thousand) hairs out of whack of are you going to stand tall and make others think you're starting a new trend in hair fashion? Think about it...and remember this wise Pixel quote, aka Pixelism:
"Don't let bad hair day get you down . Just smile ... like you meant to style it that way ."


  1. I was having a bad hair day so Momma Jean got the clippers out and gave me a trim. My hair is short enough that I just need to keep the wild hairs trimmed.

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    1. Isn't it cool how that works out MJ? My ear hairs are just so long now I have some wild times, BOL! So glad to get a visit from you my friend.
      Love, Pixel

  2. Hey Pix, it's still crazy over here ... with the being "homeless" and building the house thingy. I got your lovely message and my ma and I would like to say we are still very close friends even though it's a long time between messages to you and your ma. Ma is not able to use her big computer much ... where I do my blogging because of it being in a tiny space and she has to sit on a little footstool .... then her back hurts after about 5 minutes ... blah blah !! She will get back in touch with your ma ... they say our new place will be ready in mid Feb ... and we will get an office again to do our computing at. Tell your ma that if she wants to follow ma on FB - her name is Dita Hall ... and there are more house build update pics there.

    Anywho Pix - gotta go - visiting GrandPaw today.

    Be good, Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

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  3. These pets are looking like smiling! I am sure they are happy.! I love them!

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