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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Joy of Bad Hair Days - Pixel Has Bed Head

Bad hair days. We all have them. What separates the dogs from the puppies is how you deal with them. Are you going to freak out and get stressed over a few (thousand) hairs out of whack of are you going to stand tall and make others think you're starting a new trend in hair fashion? Think about it...and remember this wise Pixel quote, aka Pixelism:
"Don't let bad hair day get you down . Just smile ... like you meant to style it that way ."

Monday, September 28, 2015

Silly Sunday Selfies - Pixel's Pre-Grooming Selfie Extravaganza

Before getting groomed today by Mommy, I nabbed her cell phone and snapped a few serious yet silly selfies of me looking like Wolverine's little sister. Or am I Chewbacca's twin sister? I lost track.

So which overly hairy Pixel selfie was your favorite? I'll be doing a blog post about my big grooming event soon, but in the meantime check out all my fellow pet bloggers below and see their awesome Sunday Selfies for today. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Joy of a Good Quote - Pixel Shares Her Favorite Pixelisms

A good quote can make you smile, make you think, or get you motivated. I love positive quotes, which often encourage you, warm your heart or remind you about what is important in life. When my good friend Spencer the Goldendoodle invited me to take part in the Quote Hop, I was very excited and couldn't wait to dig up some good ones. I am only allowed to share 3 quotes, which is devilishly difficult to do, but I promised Spencer I'd follow the rules to the letter.
There are many famous quotes that I love, but as I searched to find just the right ones, I realized something. I often make up Pixel quotes, or 'Pixelisms' as Mommy calls them, on my own, and have shared them with Mommy and all my friends over the years. So, instead of sharing famous quotes for this 'Quote Hop', I thought I'd share some favorite 'Pixelisms'. Feel free to 'quote' me anytime, and share the posters. Who knows, one day maybe they will be famous and shared by others too!
"Smiles are like Spring Flowers. Each one is Unique, Fresh and Beautiful!"
I originally 'quoted' this back in March 2015 on my Facebook page to bring a few smiles out of my friends. I think every smile is beautiful. You can never have too many smiles in your life or in the world. Big or small, I love them all!
"Find a Reason to Smile Each Day. It Matters Because YOU Matter."
I quoted this one on March 2014 on Facebook as well. I believe it's important for everyone to seek reasons to smile in their day, no matter what might be going on around them. Even if you are having "the worst day ever", you can still find some reason to smile. It can be over the tiniest thing, but it matters if you can find those little things to make you smile. It's especially good if you can make someone else smile too...who knows how much your little act of kindness can change a person's world around!
"Don't let a 'Bad Hair Day' get you down. Just you meant to style it that way!"
Finally, a silly one that I first posted in January 2014. I was having one heck of a bad hair day when Mommy took several photos of me. I didn't even know until I saw the images later, so I thought, hey, wouldn't it be easier if we all just smile through our "bad hair days" and pretend like it was intentional. It might make everyone else think it's a new style. Isn't that how new trends get started? Confidence is catching.
Thank you Spencer for inviting me to do the Quote Hop. It was fun finding the right "Pixelisms" to share! I now challenge three of my fellow pet blogging friends to the Quote Hop. I challenge The Cat on my HeadThe Chesnut Mutts, and Pawsitively Pets.
The rules of the Quote Hop are as follows:
Thank the blogger who nominated you.
Post three of your favorite quotes (this can be done all in one post or on three consecutive days).
Nominate 3 bloggers and challenge them.
I hope everyone got a little smile and enjoyment from each Pixelism. Which one did you like best? 
Do you have a favorite quote? I'd love to have you share it in a comment below!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Joy of Bed Head - Pixel Top 25 Rockin' 80's Hair Band Songs

Well, the vet and radiologist has discovered through scans of my spine that I have a couple of troublesome disc spaces between vertebrae sections T12-T13 and T13-L1. So, I'm STILL on continued limited mobility duty for now while they come up with a plan of action to get me better. All I do is lay around all day long, acting like a lazy rock star with nothing but time on my hands.
All my pet blogging friends are preparing for the BlogPaws convention in Nashville, but I'll be staying home this year. I sure wish I could be there, but I can read all about the fun and festivities through their posts and pages. I could be singing the blues...but I've got a better idea.
With all this forced "bed rest" due to my spine issue and funny walking, I tried to tell Mommy that too much time under the covers is bad for a girl's hair...but she's not buying it and won't let me run around like I want. I mean, look at this mess! I definitely should be in an 80's hair band with this crazy bed head happening right now. I figured I'd better get a good list of songs together, since I'm poised and ready to be in an 80's hair band, so I got all my Facebook friends to help me come up with a list of all the greats.
Pixel's Top 25 Rockin' List of 80's Hair Band Songs:
1. "Pour Some Pixel on Me" by Def Leppard
2. "Welcome to the Pixel" by Guns & Roses
3. "Home Sweet Pixel" by Motley Crue
4. "Running' with the Pixel" by Van Halen
5. "Every Rose Has It's Pixel" by Poison
6. "C'mon Feel the Pixel" by Quiet Riot
7. "Pixel Looks Like a Lady" by Aerosmith
8. "Pixel Medicine" by Bon Jovi
9. "Takin' Care of Pixel" by Bachmann Turner Overdrive
10. "What's Pixel Got To Do With It?" by Tina Turner
11. "Enter Pixel" by Metallica
12. "Pixel's Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister
13. "I Remember Pixel" by Skid Row
14. "Hot for Pixel" by Van Halen
15. "Pixel Road" by Cinderella
16. "The Ballad of Pixel" by LA Guns
17. "More Than Pixel" by Extreme
18. "In the Pixel of the Night" by Whitesnake
19. "You Give Pixel a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi
20. "No One Like Pixel" by Scorpion
21. "Sweet Pixel of Mine" by Guns & Roses
22. "Don't Need Nothing' But a Pixel" by Poison
23. "What About Pixel" by Heart (these ladies had some of the BEST 80's hair of all!)
24. "Once Bitten Twice Pixel" by Great White
25. "Billion Dollar Pixel" by Alice Cooper
This is certainly not an all comprehensive list, but it is an excellent start. Now that I've got my song list, all I need is a road crew and I'll be able to go on tour!
And why stop here? What about an "I Love the 80's" list of songs from other greats like Madonna, and all those silly bands with interesting hairstyles and hats??
Leave a comment below of a song you want to see in my next list and I'll make sure to include it. I've got a second list going already. I hope you had fun friends!!
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Joy of a Bad Hair Day - Pixel's Wednesday Words of Wisdom

Pixel's Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Smile & Go With It!
I'd like to share some simple yet very helpful "Wednesday Words of Wisdom" with you my friends. It's made a huge difference in my life, and it might make a difference in yours as well.
My advice is simple: next time you have a "bad hair day" don't let it bring you down. Don't fret over it being "unruly". Let your bad hair day become a joyful day!
Let your hair do it's own thing. Just walk out the door with your hair all crazy, face the day and SMILE as big as you if you wanted it to look that way. Walk with confidence. Walk with swagger. Tip the waiter an extra 10%. Make others feel good throughout the day and it'll make you feel good too!
Who might even start a new hair trend!
Do you have some Wednesday Words of Wisdom to share with me? I'd love to hear them. Just leave me a comment below friends!
And don't forget to see what my fellow pet blogger friends are up to on this Wordless Wednesday. Some of us are more "wordy" than others, BOL, but I promise it's always entertaining.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Joy of Being Lighthearted II - More Motivational Posters

With all the negative stuff on the news, I thought it was time for a new round of Pixel Motivational Posters to get some more lightheartedness out there again. Getting motivated can be difficult sometimes for all of us, but it never hurts to keep trying. Sometimes I have a heck of a time getting my Mommy motivated enough to get out of bed at 5am to feed me 3 hours earlier than our agreed upon can be so taxing on a mini schnauzer like me, but I keep trying.
Sometimes, being lighthearted means making a bit of fun of yourself, or having a laugh at your own expense, which might make others feel at ease in a tough situation, or just help your own heart feel lighter. Sometimes, if Mommy seems too serious or isn't feeling all that great, I will grab one of my rattle toys (I love rattles!) and run around all crazy begging her to chase me. That is probably why I sometimes have a bad hair day after all play! But I don't care as long as I help Mommy feel more lighthearted.
 Sometimes we can be lighthearted as we learn from our mistakes. Mommy and I know all too well the concept of 'biting off more than you can chew'. Once I tried to eat a rawhide that was almost as big as my entire mouth, but Mommy taught me moderation that day, whether I wanted to learn it or not.
And, no matter what, you always have choices, so make sure you make the right choice. If it brings sheer joy, it very well might be the right choice. Mommy teases me because I always seem to find the toy with the rattle in it. Well, if you loved that sound as much as I do, you'd be choosing the rattle toys too!
I originally shared these new motivational posters on my recently acquired Twitter account, I love sharing my little thoughts on life when they come to me, so I hope you decide to become a follower. I promise only joy and joyness will flow from my tweets. You will love it!
If you have any motivational words or ideas I could create a poster for, leave me a comment and let me know! I always love hearing from you.