Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Joy of Puppy Dog Eyes ~ aka Pixel and Her Sisters Practice Mind Control for Food

My sisters and I spend countless hours practicing and mastering our "puppy dog eyes" so that we are always prepared at meal time with the family. Our family has grown in the last year to now include my Grammy's new little girl Bella, a brown Dachshund/MinPin mix rescue. What a full house we have now! Our intense "Ask" faces are a lot to deal with according to our human family members. Although our tummies might be full and distended from a wonderful meal we were just given, we still like to give the "pitiful sad" look to Grampy or to Auntie in hopes of getting a tiny morsel of food. Here's an example of some of our best work:

Bella Boo, our newest family member

Dixie Mae Doxie

Peanut Pumpkin Pie

Sassy Marshmallow Muffin

Me, Pixel Blue Eyes

Notice how Peanut and I still have a bit of food on our faces/chins from a recent meal. But with our master puppy dog eyes, Mommy asks, "is it any wonder now why it's so hard to deny us a tiny nibble of something?"


  1. It would be impossible to say "NO" to any of those cute faces!!

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    1. where are you sweet doggies I miss you all,,,I have not seen any posts for awhile,,,praying all is okay... Write sooooooon....<3 <3

  2. I too have mastered the sad puppy dog look. The PUG in me makes it easy. There are 6 of us at our house and our night treats of vegetables vary. 4 of us like green beans and carrots. Maverick will only eat fresh Sweet potatoes. Brandy won't eat any veggies

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  3. Oh, you all have that sad puppy dog look mastered! There's no way anybody could say no! :)

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  4. This makes the tips of the hair shafts colorless and the fur looks blue or dusky gray to the human eyes. Pitbull dog shirts

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