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Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Joy of Puppy Dog Eyes ~ aka Pixel and Her Sisters Practice Mind Control for Food

My sisters and I spend countless hours practicing and mastering our "puppy dog eyes" so that we are always prepared at meal time with the family. Our family has grown in the last year to now include my Grammy's new little girl Bella, a brown Dachshund/MinPin mix rescue. What a full house we have now! Our intense "Ask" faces are a lot to deal with according to our human family members. Although our tummies might be full and distended from a wonderful meal we were just given, we still like to give the "pitiful sad" look to Grampy or to Auntie in hopes of getting a tiny morsel of food. Here's an example of some of our best work:

Bella Boo, our newest family member

Dixie Mae Doxie

Peanut Pumpkin Pie

Sassy Marshmallow Muffin

Me, Pixel Blue Eyes

Notice how Peanut and I still have a bit of food on our faces/chins from a recent meal. But with our master puppy dog eyes, Mommy asks, "is it any wonder now why it's so hard to deny us a tiny nibble of something?"

Friday, December 18, 2015

Pixel Blue Eyes' Top 10 Pet Christmas Shopping Guide (For Last Minute Shoppers)

 It's barely 10 days before Christmas and all over the world, little dogs are excitedly anticipating the giving and receiving of presents on Christmas Day. Many pet parents, family and friends are still bustling about shopping for "just the right gifts" for their furry family and friends. Whether you are a pet parent, a pet, uncle or grandparent, or are a pet yourself in need of finding the perfect gift for your fur sibling, I've got everything you need to know in my first ever "Pixel Blue Eyes Top 10 Pet Christmas Shopping Guide".
Since we are so close to Christmas, and lots of you are still trying to "wrap up" your shopping, I wanted to make things easier by giving you my expert Pixel opinion on the best of the best for presents and treats that your dogs will absolutely adore this Christmas. I know personally, because I did the research, I went out in the field, I tested each toy vigorously and tasted each treat myself! It was tough, but some doggie had to do it. It had to pass the Pixel seal of approval!
And all these gift ideas are available at stores right near you my friends. That's right! You don't have to order them online, risking them not coming before Christmas...everything I'm listing here can be found at your local pet store, specialty store or department store. I'm including links to learn more about the products, and of course information on the specific stores where they are available. I even have several "store locator" links to make things super easy for you. (You can thank me later.)
So, without further ado, here are my top 10 picks for holiday gifts and goodies for your dog:
1. KONG® Wubba Pull Toy  (approx. $7 - 15)
These are perhaps one of THE best toys on the planet. I mean that with all my heart. You know I've talked about the Kong Wubba many times before. You can simply Google "Pixel Blue Eyes Kong Wubba" and find videos, photos and blog posts I've written about this joyful toy. It's simply a perfect toy! It squeaks, it flaps, it rolls, it's durable, you can shake it, play fetch with it, and it literally lasts for years. Kong Wubbas come in many solid colors, patterns, cute animal faces, jungle themes and at least 3 different sizes. They have fuzzy Wubbas, string ball Wubbas....the possibilities are endless! They even have rattle ones for CATS...but don't tell my Pom sister Sassy, because she loves those too.
(Sold at Petsmart, Petco, Target and other fine stores)

2. Charming Pet® Longidudes Floppy Fun Toy (approx. $10 - $15)
I just recently discovered this amazing toy this past summer, when Mommy brought 3 home from Target. They are about 2 feet long, they are super fuzzily soft and cute, and they are FILLED WITH FUN!!!! Each Longidude Toy (my favorite is the bunny rabbit) has at least 3 very large squeakers in the body, then each end is filled with lots and lots of crinkly paper type stuff that makes it crackle and crinkle with every shake. It is sooooo floppy, I just want to shake it all day!! My sisters and I take turns dragging our Longidude toys around the house, and each one is so long that at least two of us can play with one at the same time. So even though they seem real big, little 11 pound dogs can take total control over them with no problem. BOL!
(Sold at Target and many other fine stores) Charming Pet Retailer Store Locator Tool
3. MultipetTM  Latex Ball Animal Toy (approx. $2.50 - $3.50 each)
These little guys are too cute and so much fun. Mommy had been trying to find me something to replace my beloved rubber duckies since Multipet ended their production, and these little squeaky ball animals certainly help fill the void. They are soft on the mouth, easy to hold onto for little and big dog mouths alike, and make the perfect sounding squeak. Meaning that it's incredibly annoying to some humans, but music to the ears of most canines. My personal favorite is the....wait for!
(Sold at your local Walmart store)
4. Kurgo® True-Fit Car Seat Belt Harness (approx. $29 - $45)
This might not be a super "fun" gift idea, but Mommy says that this one item is the greatest thing she has ever received to make her feel that I am safe in the car while we are travelling. She LOVES my Kurgo True-Fit Car Seat Belt Harness and I do too. It is so comfortable for me to wear, I hardly even know it is on. It fits perfectly over my shirts when I have to wear them, and it keeps me so secure in the car when we are travelling, running errands, just anytime I ride in the car with her. She never lets me ride without it on. And I am secured to an actual seat belt with the extra carabiner attachment belt loop that hooks me (in my harness) to the seat belt in the car. Every dog should have one of these for car travelling safety!! They come in sizes to fit pretty much every size dog, from X-Small to X-Large.
(Sold at Petco and many other fine stores near you) Kurgo Retailer Store Locator Tool Link
**Read my detailed personal review of the Kurgo True-Fit Car Harness from last Summer, that includes LOTS of photos and information.**
5.  Boots and Barkley Bear Pet Hat (approx. $7.99 - $10)
Are you prepared for cuteness overload for your pet? Well, this fuzzy pet trapper style hat definitely fits the bill! This adorably cute winter hat isn't just "cute", it keeps your dog's head and ears very warm. Whether they have floppy ears like me, or ears that stick up like my Pomeranian sisters Peanut and Sassy, this hat will keep a dog's ears toasty warm. The hat has ear holes to let the ears stick out, but you can also keep your dog's ears tucked inside on those wet winter days out in the elements. Target also sells a matching blue fuzzy fake fur lined coat that perfects the look.
(Sold at Target in stores and online) Target Store Locator Tool
6. KONG® Cozie Plush Dog Toys (approx. $5.00 - $12.00)
Kong created another winner in these super fun, durable, plush squeaky toys. The Kong Cozie is one of my ultimate favorite toys. In fact, my sisters and I have one of almost every single character! The Kong Cozie lasts forever it seems, and takes a real beating as far as hard core playing and chewing. They are super fun to flip around, shake, drag through the house, play pull toy with, wrestle with, play fetch with, and cuddle with. Your dog couldn't ask for a better toy friend!
(Available at Petsmart and other pet stores)

7. Charming Pet® Pulleez Plush Dog Toys (approx. $8 - $11)
The Charming Pet Pulleez toys are the cutest stuffed animal interactive dog toys that I am really hoping Santa Paws brings for me and my sisters this year!! They are totally adorable with lots of fun all rolled into one toy. The Pulleez Plush Dog Toys (I really want the light blue zebra one shown here) is super soft and cuddly, has rope toy arms for pulling and play tugging, has several squeakers for fun noisy mischief, and is perfect for shaking, and running around the house like a little hoodlum. Mommy says they are very well made and just too cute to pass up on.
(Sold at Target and many other fine stores) Charming Pet Retailer Store Locator Tool
8. Multipet Loofa Squeaker Mat Dog Toy (approx. $7 - $9)
The Multipet Loofa Squeaker Mat toys are a favorite in my house with me and my sisters. Dixie Mae especially loves her yellow one. One or two squeaks is great in a toy, but a dozen or more?? Absolute HEAVEN!! Every place you grab and bite on these toys squeaks in the bestest way, making it a joy for any and every dog in your life. The Loofa squeaker mat dog toy flops around and is easy for little dogs to hold onto (and big dogs too of course). And look at those fun colors! They put a smile on everyone's face.
(Available at your local Walmart, Target and other pet stores)

9. Hills® Ideal BalanceTM Oven Baked Naturals Dog Treats (approx. $4.50 - 6.50 per bag)
These treats are high quality and well worth the money for several reasons. They are gluten, soy, wheat, corn and grain free (for all us dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs). They have real ingredients that are sourced in the U.S.A. and a few safe places in Europe. They break into small pieces for little dogs so that you don't give too many calories but we still get lots of yummy taste. They are DELICIOUS!!!! Hills Ideal Balance Oven Baked Naturals Dog Treats make a great stocking stuffer.
(Available at Petsmart, Petco, and many other fine Pet stores, including many Veterinarian offices who sell Hills products)
Hills Ideal Balance Pet Food Product Store Locator Tool

10. Dog for Dog Treats and Peanut Butter Bars (approx. $1.99 - $14.99 sizes/quantities vary)
The Dog for Dog company has one of the coolest things going when you buy any of their delicious products. For every single jar of peanut butter (made especially for dog!), bag of treats, bag of food, and other items they sell, Dog for Dog gives the same equivalent item to a dog in need at a shelter or rescue!! Is that not AMAZING??!! Well worth every penny spent. Your dog gets delicious food and treats, and another dog in need gets the same thing. Talk about a winning strategy. I love it!
(Available at Petsmart and many other fine pet stores)
Now remember friends, all these products can also be purchased online, I just wanted to make sure to give you options that you could purchase in the store since we are down to one week before Christmas. I hope this is helpful as you search for 'just the right gift' for your beloved dog, or you dear fur sister or brother.
So, which of these products do you think sounds like the most fun? Which ones do you want to try for yourself? Let me know in a comment below!

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Joy of Perfect Balance & Nutrition - Hill's Ideal Balance Pet Food

Come a little closer, I have something important to say.
Perfect balance is very important in so many things. People need to have a balanced checkbook, car tires need to be balanced for safety, babies must learn to have balance before they can walk, good balance is ideal when you are dancing, and just life in general should be a good balance of work and play. The concept of balance is everywhere! I'm even balancing on this shelf to talk to you.
I love running as fast as I can, with my ear flying in the wind!
Mommy talks a lot about having a balanced meal for the family, a healthy amount of protein, vegetables, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals that come from the food to help everyone stay healthy. Of course, dogs and cats need to have balanced meals too. Since I love to run, I need to have a good balance of nutrients to support that kind of activity and exercise.
I don't get to choose what food I get, so Mommy has to make sure that my meals are a perfect balance of key nutrients that my body needs to maintain good health, energy, and a proper weight.
No, Mommy...I'm pretty sure I can open the bag by myself.
I've heard the phrase, "if a little does a little good, a lot must do a LOT of good!" With that idea in mind, if it were up to me personally, I'd eat anything and everything that's good! I'd eat a whole bag of Ideal Balance Baked Naturals Chicken and Apple treats a day if Mommy let me, just because it tastes so good, and especially because it is so good for me. But I guess that's why I'm not in control of my own feeding regiment, haha! (Is that why the bag is up on the top shelf Mommy?)
Seriously though, I asked Mommy why precisely balanced nutrition is so important for me. She says that each vital nutrient, such as protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and fiber, has a specific job to do to keep my body in shape and nourished. Nutrient excess or deficiency can lead to a number of health conditions.
Here are some of the key nutrients that are important for good health, and a brief explanation of what each one does for the body.
1. Protein helps support lean muscle tissue in adult pets, and helps nourish growing muscle tissue in puppies and kitties. A pet's body can only absorb a certain amount of protein though, so too much protein in a diet can stress the liver and kidneys as it tries to process it and get rid of excess nitrogen. Over time, that can have an effect on those organs.
2. Fats, in the appropriate amounts in pet food, is excellent for healthy, soft skin and a beautiful, shiny fur. Too much fat in a diet can cause all kinds of issues like weight gain and blood problems, yet too little fat can be trouble too.
3. Fiber is great for healthy digestion, a healthy heart, and keep your cholesterol in check. Too much or too little can cause an upsetting imbalance in the intestines and cause unhealthy bowels.
4. Vitamins and minerals are essentials for so many reasons. Vitamins support the immune system. If levels are deficient in a pet food, fatigue or weakness can ensue, yet if vitamin levels are too high, organ stress can occur. Minerals help grow and maintain strong muscles and healthy teeth. Yet if mineral levels are too low or too high, serious health issues can arise.
I've got the moves....cha, cha, cha!
Hill's Ideal Balance natural and grain free pet food seeks out that perfect balance of these key nutrients for your pet...not too much and not too little. They use high quality ingredients in every recipe. As with any food, when ingredient quality increases, so does a pet's ability to absorb and use the nutrients for optimum health. Plus, it just might help them dance better, too. I mean, check out my samba...I'm workin' it over big time thanks to my healthy balanced diet! Now, all Mommy has to do is give me that treat!
Are you feeding your dog a perfectly balanced nutrition? Find out if your dog's food contains properly balanced nutrition and how to make a change if it doesn't. I invite you to the Hill's Ideal Balance website and do a self assessment of your current food vs. Hill's Ideal Balance. They also did their own comparison of some of the biggest dog food brands and share their findings here.
Just remember, whether you are seeking the right food for your pet, or seeking to master the perfect twirl, BALANCE IS THE KEY. Would you like to try Hill's Ideal Balance for your pet? I say, go ahead, give it a whirl!! Or should I say give it a TWIRL! You'll be so glad you did.

A healthy, balanced, nutritious diet helps Pixel joyfully twirl all day long!

Author has been compensated for completion of this article.
Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.