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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pixel Blue Eyes, Professional Wilderness Survivalist - Wordless Wednesday

I'm taking a moment from my intense training in the back woods wilderness in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia to say hi and let you all know things are going well so far. I'm thinking of giving classes in how to be a successful wilderness survivalist in case of Army-gettin' or some cat-astrophic event like invasion of those walking Freds I've been talking about. As promised in my first blog post in the "Walking Fred" series, where I detailed how I found out about the potential "Walking Freds" attack and shared my plans to hone my skills as a survivalist, I packed only the barest of essentials and started my training.
Okay, gotta run friends, but I'm sending my notes back to Mommy via carrier pigeon...actually it's a CARRION pigeon, which is much bigger than the pigeons I've seen sitting on the fake owl statue at my local gas station, and four times as ornery, but we bartered a deal: he will deliver all my notes to Mommy if I include him in my next book. Hey, I could write a book one day, couldn't I?
Happy (mostly) Wordless Wednesday!!