Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Joy of being Nurse Pixel - Caring for Mommy after Surgery

Nurse Pixel plans out her day of caring for her Mommy who had surgery last week.
First things first, check Mommy's pulse and other vitals.
Next, take off hat (hard to work in) and ask how Mommy is feeling.
Say a little paw prayer that Mommy will heal quickly and have a good, pain free day.
Watch Mommy eat her omelet and make sure she finishes it. She needs her strength!
Help Mommy pre-wash the fork. (Multitasking here)
Promise I will be with her through every minute of her recovery.
Make Mommy smile and laugh as only a Nurse Pixel can!
Hi friends! I am part of the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! Please leave me on comment on today's post (and wish Mommy well). Please also visit all my other pet blogging friends listed below this post and enjoy their Wordless Wednesday posts too. They are all super fun.


  1. Pixel is the most adorable nurse! Feel better and get well soon!

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  2. You are such a good nurse Pixel! take good care of your Momma!

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  3. Oh Pixel,

    You do such a spectacular schnauzer nursing job......I'm sure your mommy appreciates all you do especially the "pre wash" of all the forks and plates and stuff. You also need to keep her company when snacks and daytime TV are happening!

    PeeS: Get well soon Pixel mommy!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

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  4. Hi sweet Pixel!
    Me & Bo see you been taking real good care of your mommy! We think you're great and wish mommy a super-speedy recovery. With you in charge of her care, how can she not succeed?!

    Hugs & lots of Love,
    Your friends,
    Rann & Bo

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  6. That's too cute! I love that you helped mommy pre-wash her fork.

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  7. Hi Pixel, You are doing a great job of taking care of you mom. I am sure just seeing your face and petting you makes her feel much better. I know my mom feels better just having us there. Hope she is up and about soon, your furpal, Emma : )

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  8. Pixel! SO glad you could help your person like this. I wash cutlery too :) Big hugs to your person and keep up the good work my friend! xxx

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  9. You are such a good nurse!! I think your moms recovery will go so much quicker with your help!


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  10. Nurse Pixel, you look terrific! Your mom is so lucky to have a nurse like you!

    I hope your mom's recovery is going very well.


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