Monday, May 21, 2012

The Joy of Twirling - Being Sick and Rejoicing When Healed

The end of last week was not one of my best times lately. I felt a bit under the weather Thursday all day, with my meals not agreeing with me. Mommy was concerned and made me rice for me to eat Friday because I got sick. Not my favorite, but I was agreeable. 

I went to bed Wednesday night feeling even worse. I took the night off as Nurse Pixel and Mommy watched over me. Then I awoke in the middle of  the night sick as a dog! We were up until after 3am with me helpless as a little puppy and in need of TLC, which Mommy is an expert at.

Needless to say, after a night like THAT, Mommy put the kibosh on me being allowed to eat ANYTHING on Friday. I woke up the next morning at my usual time, not thinking at all about what had occurred all night long. I ran into the kitchen for my morning breakfast. Low and behold, Mommy had placed a note in the little dog food box to ensure that I received no food from anyone. NO FOOD?? How long would that be...forever? Doesn't she know that a little dog's life revolves around mealtime?

I was still feeling bad, so I took Friday off too and just rested. My sister kitty, Snowflake, stepped in as surrogate nurse to watch over Mommy, who was watching over me because I was so ill. I am laying under that brown blanket in the background, resting and wondering if I'd ever see food again. 

After a day of near starvation, allowed only chicken broth and the assurance that one day I'd get food again, I was allowed a diet of rice on Saturday. The meals started out super small. Being a nurse I technically knew it was to make sure I could keep it down, but as  a dog, the meals seemed pretty paltry. But I got fed a little more often than normal, and I was feeling a lot better by Saturday afternoon, and had finally turned a corner. I felt much better by Saturday night. 

Sunday, Mommy and I were so happy about me being well again, and after two days of paltry meals that consisted of rice and chicken broth, I was thrilled to finally get a real meal. I felt strong, was playful, and even wanted to practice my tricks with Mommy. So, we joyfully practiced one of our favorites of mine...Twirling! So, Sunday, we danced, grateful that this little girl got well and was healed!
Make sure that you dance and twirl and smile whenever you get the chance...
Click on the photo to see a bigger version of my twirling fun!

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  1. Hi Pixel,

    Sorry you weren't feeling well. I'm glad you're back to dancing and twirling and feeling much better.

    Happy Monday!

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  2. Oh what beautiful twirls!! We are so happy that you are doing soooooooo much better!!! Thanks for visiting us! :) We hope this week goes better! Happy Monday! ~weinerful gang~

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  3. Glad you are feeling better. It is no fun being sick.

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    1. Thank you my friend. I'm real glad to be back to my dancing self!

  4. Hi Pixel, thanks for following our site (mom actually signed on to follow yours a while ago through google friend connect). We are sorry you were so sick

    urban hounds

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  5. So glad it was just a little tummy bug, Pixel! You have a nice twirling trick going on there! Emma

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  6. Oh my goodness Pixel. I was so sorry to hear that your person was unwell. And now you! Paw hugs and kisses to both of you. Get better soon. Lots of love, SADIE xxxxx

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  7. ahhh pixel so glad your feeling better, love your twirly smile xxx you are so lucky to have such a lovely mummy to take care of you xxx

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  8. Dear Pixel,

    I'm glad you're feeling all better now. I love your twirling fun!
    I'll be sending you lots of healing juju. The healing vibes you sent me helped very much!


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  9. OMD, I am so sad that you were so sick. I don't get the starvation diet thing and I hate it when I get sick, being starved to death...grrrr! I am so glad that you got your twirls back on! Great dance moves!


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  10. I'm glad your feeling better! Pixel is the best nurse!

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  11. Thank goodness you are feeling better Pixel! Your Momma must have been worried sick! I was nice of Snowflake to take over your nursing duties while you were sick. I sure hope your Momma gets well soon too!

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  12. So glad it was just a little tummy bug.

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