Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monday Mischief - Pixel Blue Eyes is The Finder of Lost Kibbles

All of us have special talents and skills. We work on them constantly, as we strive to perfection in those pursuits. Well, one of my many talents is my ability to find long lost kibbles, aka pieces of dry dog food or dog treats. 
Officially the title is "Finder of Lost Kibbles'...an investigator of sorts. I seek out lost kibbles, and can find them when no one else can. I will sniff them out and will not rest until they are saved. I mean, you can't just let an innocent piece of kibble remain lost forever, now can you? 

On Sunday, Mommy documented me saving another lost 'kibble'. Usually I point it out to Mommy by giving short, one bark call outs every 30 seconds or so. Mommy pretty much responds quickly, as she know my specific coded messages. After she comes to investigate with me, I will point at it with my paw, like I am doing here. I've done most of the work by this time, and am just letting her know I am in retrieval mode but might need back up.

I double checked the location of the lost kibble, estimating how far it was in conjunction with my small body and long neck. "Would I truly be able to reach this lost kibble on my own? Or would Mommy need to help." I weighed the possibilities and then prepared for action!

My estimations were correct...I definitely would be able to reach this lost kibble all on my own! Carefully, and ever so gently, I reached my head and neck in there and after a few seconds of getting my bearings down there, I snatched that piece of kibble right up! For some reason, Mommy was laughing at this point while documenting my rescue. I guess she was just really happy and relieved that I had once again saved the day for another long lost kibble!

What special talents and skills do you have and are especially proud of? I'd love to hear about them in your comments. Have fun and remember to keep your skills and abilities sharp, because you never know when they might come in handy!
I am taking part in the Monday Mischief  blog hop! See what some of my fellow pet blogger friends were up to this weekend.


  1. That is truly a very good skill. Great job and retrieving that kibble yourself. Sometimes our dog needs help. She'll pursue it faithfully and try very hard to get it out with her paw. I have a nice long stick from the cat toy I use to get them. Usually I also find some balls and mice the cats lost under there too.

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  2. You are the great kibble rescue super dog!! Way to go!! I think you should have a special shirt made!! BOL!!


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  3. I am a scent hound but I am more interested in hunting small critters. My kitty Sophie likes to hunt ice chips that mom drops on the floor, she works on those until they are melted!

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  4. Hi Pixel! I am Mitzi Jo's sister Angel. I TOO am a kibble finder. When Momma Jean throws treats down for us they will sometimes go under the stove and refrigerator. I will locate the tasty morsile and I will dig at the vinyl floor trying to retrieve it until Momma Jean heard me and comes to assit with a long pointy stick. Momma Jean is SOooo helpful. Love Angel

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  5. I just found your blog after trying to research complications from tail docking. Our recently adopted dog is beginning to show signs of pain/irritation of her previously docked tail. Its getting very bad, she can barely walk a few feet without turning to bite. Most of the time she just sits awkwardly staring at us refusing to move just as in your video of Pixel. We're wondering, how did Pixel's surgery go, was the pain completely cured or is she still on pain meds? We are currently seeing a vet neurologist, and scheduled for an MRI this week to rule out lumbar spine disc problems. Any help is much appreciated!!

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