Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Joy of Snow - Pixel Celebrates the first Snowfall of 2013

Snow is one of my greatest joys in life. The beauty of a good snowfall and how it blankets the earth with a white crystal blanket just fills my heart with such wonder and awe! I have always loved snow. It is one of my favorite things to play in, run in, and even eat! Mommy loves it too, that's probably where I get it from. We've been waiting all fall and winter for a really good snowfall. The last two winters left SO much to be desired in that area, and we've been disappointed time and again when they call for snow...but no snow comes. Well, not now!
We've had two beautiful snowfall events in less than two weeks here in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, and I have been full of immense joy, excitement and happiness with these "First Snowfalls of 2013".
Mommy and I went outside the evening of the first snowfall while it was still falling, and measured 6 inches. I went "dashing through the snow" as fast as I could! Because it was dark and Mommy had to use a flash, I have neon red eyes, but I just call them my 'night vision' eyes. I ran so fast, I was like lightening! Mommy made me wear a big thick sweater so I wouldn't get too cold too quickly. Look at how my ears fly up and out so high. I do believe I could lead a pack of sled dogs across the tundra like this...don't you agree??
I tried to see just how fast I could run through 6+ inches of fresh, heavy snow. I'm pretty sure I would have gotten a speeding ticket at the rate I was zooming! We're lucky the snow didn't melt in my wake as my legs moved with lightening speed.
With my keen mind and incredible athletic abilities at work in the snow, I even made up a new Winter Olympic sport:  SNOW JUMPING! As you can see in this illustrated photo, I have an obvious natural ability to do snow jumping. My long legs helped me clear a good 4 feet, I'm pretty sure, between each jump. If you remember, I also took part in a Summer Olympic sport called Synchronized Sleeping (photos available by selecting the link). Needless to say, after all that fun, Mommy and I went inside exhausted and excited about what it would look like the next morning.
It was even MORE beautiful than we could imagine. The snow lay so thick on every branch and the morning was extra quiet here in the mountains. We went out early and took more photos.
I wore one of my best red sweaters and we were off on a little tiny snow adventure in the yard. I always have to eat the snow, it's a Pixel tradition. I think it could have used a little cream and sugar in it, but otherwise the cool medium packed snow was quick delicious!
As I basked in the joy of "being in the moment" in the snow, I took the time to really absorb the wonder and awe of being surrounded by such a frozen miracle.
I suddenly felt this overwhelming urge to put my thoughts to paper, to try to capture the essence of a day with snow that fills me with such joy. I went back inside and created my first masterpiece poem, "The Sparkling Snow". I do hope you like it. If you do like it, will you share it with friends and family? I know for a fact it's hard to come by good 'Sparkly Snow' poetry.

Let me know what you think. And please make sure to tell me if you get snow! Don't forget to go visit my other friends (shown below) on this Monday Mischief blog hop. Have fun! 


  1. Oh! Oh! Your photos are beautiful! And I'm so very jealous! I love it!! Yesterday I posted videos of dogs - and one cow - in snow. :)

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  2. Great pictures. Love the poem - and your night-vision eyes!

    Our pup has never seen snow! Hopefully soon we can take her away to see some!

    Happy belated Monday Mischief!

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  3. Hi Pixel! We usually have lots of cold and snow but the past 2 years we have not has much. I figure a little is better than none and we love what we have. The first few snowfalls are the most fun!

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  4. Wow what a great peot you are! We haven't had any decent snow falls in 2 years. in 2011 we had 18 inches. I will email you a picture of THAT! It was so hard even Momma Jean could walk on it without breaking through. Sometimes sweaters make me colder because they get wet with the snow and I can't shake it off. They should make snow jumping a doggy sport to compete in.

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