Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Joy of Favorite Toys, Feeling Good & Playing Outside

I must admit I've been pretty lax in my blogging as of late, and have certainly missed sharing my adventures, photos and thoughts on life in general with you. As most of you know from previous posts of mine over the last couple of years, I have chronic tail pain issues because of my docked tail that was done before I adopted Mommy. Even with my surgery last year to help correct the issues and even though I take nerve pain medicine, I still have bouts of pain that leave this little dog not feeling very playful or joyful.

These last couple of weeks have been especially painful for me & my docked tail (read about my education campaign on the dangers of tail docking), and so most of my outside fun time was spent wearing my neck pillow that protects my tail from my attempts to give my tail some "relief". This is me earlier last week after I had to go to the vet because my tail got SO bad. Now, I've played plenty of times while wearing my neck pillow when I have to and even made fun games and inventions out of it, but not last week. The vet gave me some additional medicines to try though, and we are seeking some new options too. I gave it a few days to let the medicines do their thing, and I just took the time off to rest and watch over Mommy, who had her own medical thing going on. Well, the medicines started to help me and my tail some and Mommy noticed I was less distressed by my tail. Things were looking up, so it was really great when I felt like playing with Mommy this weekend. 

I told Mommy that my newest toy, a turquoise Kong Wubba that she got for me when we went to the amazing BlogPaws convention last month, really needed to go outside and play. She got the hint in a flash, and knew it was I who needed & wanted to go outside and romp around for a while. Mommies are great like that aren't they? She grabbed BOTH cameras (one for photos, one for video) and we went outside to have some real fun! 

First we went out on the back deck and took in the scenery in our back yard. She always brings a few treats with us when we go outside, and my powerful sniffy nose knew she brought my new peanut butter treats. I asked her for one before we even got off the deck! Well,  little dog does need her strength, right? I twirled and twirled for her, doing my very best pirouettes for her, and she absolutely LOVED it! I love doing my tricks with (and FOR) Mommy. I love to see her smile.

Soon afterwards we went out into the yard. She walked, I ran like the wind because I was sooooo excited to go play! Here is a really fun, super energized 3 minute video of pure Pixel loving playtime outside with my favorite toy in the world, the Kong Wubba! I'm still waiting for Kong to call me and ask me to be their official "Spokesdog" so here's hoping they catch the hint, BOL!! I hope you like it...

Do YOU have a favorite toy that makes you just want to do zoomies all over the yard with? You'll have to tell me all about it in a comment on this post. I sure love hearing from you. And don't forget to please follow my No Tail Left Behind campaign that educates about the dangers of tail docking. I have all kinds of good & helpful information that I share through Facebook and Twitter

I want to thank the hosts of this "Monday Mischief" blog hop: Alfie's Blog, Snoopy's Dog Blog, and My Brown Newfies. It's always fun to share my latest adventures from the weekend on our Monday Mischief and read about all the other pet bloggers and their adventures. So, go check out some of my friends below! 


  1. Hey Pixel - my eyes were all boggled at the SIZE of your YARD - seriously girl!! Is that the local park??!! How on earth does your ma mow all that??

    Lucky Ducks!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

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  2. My sister and I don't play much with toys but I do have Bunny that I race around the house with when I am super happy and I also sleep with Bunny. He is not allowed outside :)

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  3. Awww I hope your little tail is okay soon!!!!!!!!! Love your video :)

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