Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Joy of Pet Blogging Friends - Introducing 'Dogs Give Us Their All'

It's always such a gift to make new friends that share your enthusiasm for things you are passionate about. I was given a wonderful opportunity to take part in a "Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange" this holiday season. It's a bit like "Secret Santa" except you know who has your name and you do something special to help celebrate their work. I was given the wonderful honor of celebrating Te-Ling Chen , the creator of "Dogs Give Us Their All" blog.
Te-Ling certainly has the right idea about us dogs. We really DO give humans our all. Her wonderful blog highlights all kinds of stories of dogs being selfless, heroic dogs who save their families, and dogs who are rescued from all types of horrid situations yet still have a heart full of love and forgiveness. She even shares the occasional celebrity dog photos on her blog. "Dogs Give Us Their All" is a fantastic collection of photos, stories and her own personal experiences. Her blog is kind of like having several different types of your favorite candies (or dog treats) in one big bag. Every time you pull a piece out, it might be different than the last, but it's just as wonderful as the previous piece.
Te-Ling doesn't just blog about dogs, she trains them too! She has some great posts about teaching your dog to do tricks and listen to commands. She trained her own beloved pit bull, Lady, whom she adopted in 2010. Lady has taught Te-Ling so much about the struggles that pit bulls encounter. She says Lady is one of the most loving, patient, mellow dogs she's ever met. Te-Ling is an incredibly friendly person who has a captivating brilliant smile that lights up her whole friendly face. She obviously gives dogs her all, just as they give their all to her!
I'd love to have you go visit her "Dogs Give Us Their All" blog and Facebook page today. We all could use more friends, so why don't you stop by and introduce yourself. And tell Te-Ling and Lady that Pixel Blue Eyes sent you!


  1. We must pop over and take a look. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

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  2. I'll be sure to check her out- thanks for introducing me to her.


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  3. I love your analogy to a box of candies (or dog treats) where you pick something special out each time. What a clever way to put it.

    Thanks so much for introducing us to Te Ling in the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange!

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  4. Hi Jenny and Pixel Blue Eyes! Thanks so much for this sweet and flattering post! I was very touched =) Thanks again! Happy New Year!

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  5. Great introduction to Te-Ling for those that don't know her :) We love reading her blog and now we'll enjoy reading yours!

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  6. What a lovely post - such a nice gift and a great introduction to Te-Ling! Thanks for joining us in the exchange this year. :)

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