Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Joy of Hanging Out with Mommy on a Snowy Day

I love it when Mommy gets to work from home, like she did on this Wordless Wednesday. It snowed a lot the day before and overnight, so getting out of the driveway was out of the question. Good news for getting to spend the day watching her work. Of course I made her take breaks as needed.
Image of Pixel Blue Eyes laughing with her Mommy while she works on laptop  Mommy especially loves how this serious photo of me shows just how colorful my eyes really are. Thank you natural lighting for highlighting my "Pixel Blue Eyes" so very well!

Happy late night Wordless Wednesday friends! This blog hop is hosted by my friends at BlogPaws. Visit some of the other pet blogs below and see what fun photos they shared.


  1. Pixel you are just the cutest assistant. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

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  2. You look pretty happy there. Nothing better than hanging out with Mom!

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  3. Your mom is so lucky to have you as a source of inspiration for her work!

    I also love to watch my parents work. Telecommuting = extra cuddles!

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