Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Twist of Fate on Pixel's "Wordless Wednesday"

Wordless Wednesday. It's supposed to be a happy pet blogging day where we take a break from the multitude of "words" that are our trade and post images of meaning, joy or substance. Yet today of all days, my words fail me. As I sit barren of words in front of this tormentor that is my laptop, I feel as though Wordless Wednesday is teasing me. Oh what I would give for a melodious set of words to come to me now.
What would Shakespeare have done if such a thing as "Wordless Wednesday" had occurred in his day? Would he, too, have been haunted by the mere mention as he sought to find the words to his next great masterpiece? Did he have times where it felt like the creativity of his mind was locked away, as if his quill was an old chicken wing with which he could not pick that lock?
Oh Wordless Wednesday, what hast thou done to me? Oh to find the unlock the prison that is my mind and let the well of inspiration spring forth in a torrent of brilliant words. Let the waves of creativity crash down on "Wordless Wednesday" like it was high tide and a full moon.
Cruelty, thy name is Wordle...
What Mommy? It's past my lunch time and I just need to eat? Well why didn't you say so before?

Next time, remind me to bring a snack or something before I sit down to write, for goodness sake!
This is a blog hop sponsored by my good friends at BlogPaws. Let's go see what other creative Wordless Wednesday posts my friends have.


  1. LOL we agree a snack, a comfy bed and a bowl of water and then you are ready to type. Have a tremendous Thursday Pixel.
    Best wishes Molly

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  2. Look at that smile in that last photo. So innocent and pure.

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  3. LOL! I'm sure you'll be ready to go after your snack :)

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  4. Absolutely Pixel! My quill often turns to a chicken wing too, and then, I am STUCK! Nothing better than dinner and a bowl of cool, clean water and maybe a treat, to get the creative juices flowing! Love You and Mommy, Please keep writing, I look forward to every word!


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  5. I always get your posts a few days late, so no worries about being wordless with me :)

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  6. Pixel, you're so funny! I hope your mommy gave you a Jones chew. ;)

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  7. Aww, Pixel you're the cutest ever!!

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  8. Bwahahaaa....and a snack is much needed, I agree! thanks for stopping by Scratchings and Sniffings today. This made me laugh out loud.

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