Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pixel's Professional Survivalist Series: Function Meets Fashion - Being Prepared is Always in Style

Pixel Blue Eyes here, taking another break from my hard core survivalist training to bring you new information that will help you become as good a survivalist as I am. I'm currently reporting from my hidden survivalist bunker. I can't tell you exactly where it is, as that is part of my survival, but I CAN tell you that I am still on the East Coast...oh no, I've said too much already. Anyways...

I take my training and what being a "survivalist" means very seriously. As a professional survivalist, I am constantly mastering new ways to better survive in case a tragic cat-astrophy, Army-gettin' or a dreaded Walking Fred attack occurs. Even if something as simple as a Tiger-Werewolf-Monkey escapes from wherever Tiger-Werewolf-Monkeys come from and invades my yard or home, I must be in tip top form to thwart those attacks.
I've mastered my evasive maneuvers, become quite skilled at being a ninja, am adept at "blending in" with the Walking Freds (always keep Strawberry Jam handy), and even figured out how to trade peacefully with other survivalists. I can use tools, I have LOTS of camouflage items, I know how to seek out edible (and not so edible) plants, and I know how to store (as well as wear) pumpkin and strawberry jam like no one else.
But through all of this, there is one very important aspect of being a survivalist that must not be missed. That is the concept of looking good while you survive! Yes, it's often put by the wayside, but I am here to tell you today that function and fashion go hand in hand. Having to survive a "Walking Fred" attack can be detrimental to your self esteem as you deal with everything involved in your survival. But, if you look good while you evade detection, why that just makes you feel a bit better about things.
For example, my camo hat is great for blending into the surrounding trees, shrubs and ground, but it also looks very nice on my head. And my camo shirt is highly functional at hiding me in plain sight when there's snow on the ground, however the nice pink collar really brings out my natural coloring. I feel pretty while I blend in!
So, as you prepare for your own survivalist training, remember these few Pixel Survivalist Training ideas for today:
1. Function and Fashion really can go hand in hand. Buy things that are both helpful and look good.
2. Good self-esteem might help you think more clearly when deciding how to make your escape.
3. Being prepared is ALWAYS in style!
I am taking part in the Wordless Wednesday blog hop hosted by my friends at BlogPaws! Check out some of the other pet bloggers below for some more fun blog posts.


  1. Wow I want a camo hat too. And that camo clothes, I don't think the walking Freds will be able to see you. The color is almost the same as strawberre jam :-D

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  2. You are right on about function and fashion, Pixel! They can and do go hand-in-hand, especially in your photos! I still need more practice with the ninja thingy! You look pretty adept at it, though!

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  3. BOL! Funny Pixel we were just thinking about doing some survival training. Looks good and you are so right function and fashion. You model your outfit like a real pro. Have fun. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

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  4. Are walking freds Zombies? I thought it was a code name for some creeping type of vine. I have a human friend who is launching a line of dog clothes called Mitzi Jo fashions. I have to model all the clothes and hats. I have been wearing some of the fashions in some of my post too. You ALEWAYS look great Pixel. love M.J.

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  5. The camouflage looks great on you!

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  6. I didn't know that you were so savvy about survival Pixel! Love that camo on you. It really does make you fashionable and totally ninja-like at the same time.

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